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So Robert's kids were discussing mutts vs. purebreds. Don't really ask how the conversation came about because it has to do with Disney. Now we were sitting on the couch and Eme is explaining the show to me and the conversation goes like this….
Eme: "See he is not a mutt, he is a purebed."
Ele: "Eme it's not purebed it's purebred!"
Eme: "Uh! Ele I said purered!"
I just got up off the couch and walked away. They'll never know the difference in our house anyway!
God Bless!

Still here

Was at my appt for 3 hrs. They said I was doing great and that yes, all my symptoms that I have been experiencing since chemo have been chemo related. Validation felt good and we have a non-evasive, yet cautious game plan. I found out some interesting things, like I had more chemo than thought and that I was classified as stage 4, not 3. They said my diet was great and I was doing all the right things, but the only thing they could say that I could do for myself was exercise more…..maybe tomorrow.
I was in the room after the psychologist (who you have to see everytime) and before the Dr when I checked my BB. I had gotten an email from an old friend (thank you Christy!) and it meant so much EXACTLY when I needed it! SEE!!! We talk about the things we do and how we don't know how much they mean. I was blessed to receive (yet again) yesterday.
Oh and the whole FAITH and the binder….well God took care of that as well. I told them that they had questions missing….the most imp…


We all experience times of doubt in abilities, our environment, times when (the devil) you feel alone. These times are so strong that they make us forget all the past accomplishments and miracles that may have occurred. Lately we have experienced a miracle. Ms Jerrie, a long time friend of ours has accomplished great medical feats, all in less than a week, through the grace of God.
I have been experiencing more uneasiness lately that I could not put a finger on, since being asked to complete many questionnaires for the Cancer Survivorship program at Vandy, where they will propose a care plan for my life to me today. A program that I feel blessed to be able to participate in, thankful that they are offering it now, and wish that they would have offered it sooner. These questionnaire's made me feel unease….it seems on the surface that it is because they question your psychological feelings, but I felt as if that was really not the reason for my discomfort. I have been thinkin…


Here's the conversation on the way to the Dr yesterday….
Ele:     Look at those apartments and condos!
Lex:     They're condos.
Robert:    Those aren't condos! Those are the projects! (Which was true)
Lex:    I stayed in an Apt.
Rena:    When did you stay in an Apt?
Lex:    I stayed at the Red Roof Inn.
Ele:    I stayed at the Hampton Inn. It was nasty! Momma wiped down everything!

Have a great day yall….even if you have to wipe down Everything!
God Bless!


The girls did GREAT at their basketball games Saturday. Lex scored 20 points..she was on fire! Ele scored a basket (spinning jump shot…to which Daddy had to apologize to the guy next to him because I yelled so loud) and played some unbelievable plays and assists, and Eme….well Eme had 2 baskets, one of which….her first one we all missed! Daddy got to see it because he was coming in the door. They had just started the game and none of us knew. She brought the ball in and drove straight through everybody dribbling and scored! We were in shock at her….one of the parents called her a scrapper….and Uncle Jerry said he wondered who she got that from? We need to thank God for all the many miracles he has been performing for our family and friends, not to mention ourselves. Our daily lives have such an impact on others….Thank yall all for allowing us to share in and keep the faith. God Bless yall all and remember to keep your heads up.


We all have journeys. We all have mad choices in that split in the road of our life that has taken us down different paths. I never realized the impact I had on peoples lives, until a time then I really opened my eyes and heart to the fact that I was small in the world. I think we get so focused on our lives in our own world that we don't realize that so many others are impacted by the slightest actions that may happen because of the simplest thing we may do. If you see someone drop something, have trouble turning their buggy, or looking at the top shelf in the store…help them. So what if they look healthy and perfectly fine of taking care of themselves….I did a great deal of the time. We don't know if they cut you off, not even realizing it because they were worried about feeding their children or taking care of their ailing parent. We naturally think they had some hidden agenda in their actions, when they may have simply just had more on their mind. When we have fait…


So, yall know I don't have a sister, well not by blood, but I do in my heart….thanks cuz for the nod and love…..
One Flaw In Women

Women have strengths that amaze men....

They bear hardships and they carry burdens,

but they hold happiness, love and joy.

They smile when they want to scream.

They sing when they want to cry.

They cry when they are happy

and laugh when they are nervous.

They fight for what they believe in..

They stand up to injustice.

They don't take "no" for an answer

when they believe there is a better solution.

They go without so their family can have.

They go to the doctor with a frightened friend.

They love unconditionally.

They cry when their children excel

and cheer when their friends get awards.

They are happy when they hear about

a birth or a wedding.

Their hearts break when a friend dies.

They grieve at the loss of a family member,

yet they are strong when they

think there is no strength left.

They know that a hug and a kiss

can heal a broken heart.

Women come in all sh…

the mork

OK…so I was gonna blog on Pepper, Momma and Daddy’s dog, but I saw this today while going thru Eme’s work from school and LOVED it….just goes to show you that if you try your best, even if it's doing an explanation of a question mark (which was drawn on the other side), you'll make people happy.

God Bless!


What in your life is waistable? I just looked over and saw Eme with her rear in the air under the bench looking for a bouncy ball. She and I just had a whole conversation on things waistable. Now you think yet again, her she goes blogging again and mis-spelling words. No folks…that is how you spell it, and you know that there is a story behind it. Eme's pants are too tight, her belly has grown and her legs haven't (yet again she has her legs out from under the bench like the witch of the west, but she just got the ball….halleluiah!) …ok back to the story she wants me to button her pants, to which I start preaching about how she doesn't need to be wearing the blue jeans, at the same time, Robert is asking why and Ele is hollering, "But I like jeans!" I respond that it is ok if they fit, and Robert tells how he had specifically asked her if these fit. I look in the inside of the waist, and see the adjustable part can be let all the way out, so I do to which …


Well we had an eventful night to say the least. Started off when we were leaving the house to go to basketball practice. Eme was looking at the calves in our field and she said, "Aww…look they're butt heading!" Next came Eme trying to pass the ball to one of her coaches and hitting him up side the head with it. Next came Robert, Ele, and Lex walking around on the track at the top of the gym…the story I got was that Ele had punched Lex in the stomach and when Lex went to call Ele a Loser Ele stumbled and Lex accidently kicked Ele in the Jaw. Robert says he saw the whole thing and it really was an accident. Needless to say I ended up holding Ele with a spiderman icepack applied to her chin. What mother doesn't carry icepacks, bandaids, ponytail holders, wipes, tissues, Gatorade, water, and deodorant for her accident prone drama queen tendency children? It is nasty looking this morning by the way, so she was not drama queening very bad. Next came Eme throwing a…


I think motivation comes from within. You can have outside stimuli, but it doesn't matter unless you have your mind set and ready. Think about it like this….dieting. Sometimes we want to fad diet to lose the pounds or sometimes we want to make a change of life as far as our eating goes. Sometimes you fail, and don't really do them and sometimes you accomplish your goal. Ever think that the two have something in common? We are either ready or not. If our mind is ready if we really want to either follow the strict diet or change the way we look at food or prepare it…..we are wanting to deep down do it. We have motivation to do it. Motivation can be a picture of us skinny, or one of us fat, or looking at our children and knowing that we want to be here for them. We pray that we can accomplish what we have set our minds to. If the motivation and the will power is there you can accomplish it, but if we have God given determination and as all other things know in our hear…

1st off

Well on Friday, we had to wait for the sun to come up for us to leave so we could see the roads. Ele and Eme were excited to leave, so Robert had them go get their shoes on and wait by the door. Big mistake. You NEVER have kids wait like that with nothing to do. We learned years ago with the three of them that this situation does NOT work…the will fight everytime. Well I only could snippets of the conversation when Robert would come tell me in the bathroom as I got ready. One part was when Ele was telling on Eme saying that Eme said something about basketball. Now we all know that Ele can not pronounce things as clearly as Eme, but has an unbelievable vocabulary. Eme will correct Ele on how something is said and Ele will get SO upset and say that Eme doesn't even know the meaning of the word she is correcting…ie…Ele doesn't like her baby sister correcting her. Needless to say Ele tattled on Eme for saying something and Eme pops off with, "First off that is NOT wh…


So last night between practices The girls, Robert and I (April was working late), were eating at the church and we were teasing back and forth. Lex says how Ele is gross because she poots all of the time. Now bless her heart she is a gassy child, but she can't help it. Lex then tells us how just that afternoon Ele was pooting and saying, "Ooooh smell the good smell." Ele has this look on her face and says that she didn't say that. I then say I can tell she's lying just like I can tell when her Daddy is as well. Ele then responds that at least she doesn't like watching Megan Fox (an actress) in a bikini. Robert then looks very embarrassed, so I say that I'm gonna look like that one day and then I posed. Eme says, "Yeah but you'll have to change her face!" We busted out laughing and she continued very sincerely with, "I mean to look like her!" Pose today yall and make somebody laugh!
God Bless


My parents have warped my children. Period. Yep…..Momma and the girls were in the front of the pharmacy with huge windows (I know cause I used to have to clean them), and Daddy was inside. Eme is getting impatient and is pointing at her imaginary watch, throwing her hands up in the air, and mouthing "What's taking so long?" at Daddy. Momma was thinking she was entertaining the girls and keeping them busy by trying to teach them to people watch. She starts talking about a man who had white hair and a long beard, evidently describing him very well, when Ele pipes up and says, "Gege is checking him out!". What can you do? I can't say much cause I know it could always be worse…..just wait…I'll blog on it someday.
God Bless!

New Year

During this time of year we hear the word 'resolution' thrown around a lot. I have never really cared for the word because it seems as though we associate a since of setting ourselves up for failure with the word. I looked up the definition to be fair before writing this blog and really didn't get a whole lot of information or better understanding thus reinforcing my belief in the wrongness of the word. An amazing thing to me though….the synonym for resolution is courage. Now my mind buzzed……courage, hmmm. So we have the courage to attempt to change or better ourselves. I like that word a whole lot more.
Happy New Year yall….and on a funny note. The girls DS game systems can "talk" to each other, or chat as the girls say. The both were sitting in the back of the car, and you have to picture that Eme has her DS out and Ele is just sitting there without hers, when Eme says, "Hey Ele! Let's Chat!" Ele in the flattest voice without skipping a b…