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Merry Christmas!

What a wonderful season, and proof that Jesus is the reason....I have to wish all of yall a Merry Christmas, via my Best Friend for 30 years, Mana.  She wrote this for her fellow teachers and I was blessed to receive it as well....May God continue to Bless Yall....

Many years ago, as I was rushing around finishing the last of my holiday shopping and feeling all of the ordinary stresses that the holidays bring, I passed a church sign which read "Children need your PRESENCE, more than your PRESENTS".  I had somewhat of an epiphany that day...while I rushed around like a mad woman finding all the best deals and latest and greatest holiday items, I was missing out on the greatest gift of all...TIME SPENT WITH MY FAMILY!  I have always remembered the words I read on that day and ,although I still lavish far too many gifts on my own children (and spoil them beyond words!), I never take for granted the little joys that come along with parenthood.  This tiny phrase, simplistic in it&…

Girls going to Deliver Game Ball

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Po Po

There was a lot of police cops and the girls were wondering what was goin on and Ele hollars, "Maybe it's a Burger-lee!" Haha!
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The girls did it! And at halftime they get to go on the court and shoot for a prize!
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Girls far away

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The girls get to deliver the game ball at the Vandy game! They got free tickets for straight A's and will be announced and deliver the ball in about 7 6:40!
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Mana said she felt like everything the past week has been a disaster.....
We do feel like that especially when we are stressed.  Why when we are stressed...well I think it happens on other days but we don't pay as much attention until we are stressed and in a hurry or sad and in need of "luck".  To me I have been trying to focus on the reason for the season this year, and in doing so have loved this Christmas.  Now ask me if my shopping is done, and I will tell you yes....ask me if they are wrapped....nope.
I have noticed a lot more significance put on the reason for the season this season....kinda like the whole luck thing....has it always been there? The little items signifying and showing the reason for the season as Jesus is so abundant this year.  Maybe it has been there and I never slowed or focused to notice.
To me the best explanation of Christmas is Linus from Charlie Brown....

God has nothing to do with luck.

Charlie Brown: I guess you were right, …

Snow White

Please say a prayer for Ele and Robert.  Last night I accidently ran over her little kitten, Snow White.  Daddy said she was gonna get hit because she never gets out of the way.  I thank God that it wasn't Robert who did it, as she is more of his kitten than Ele's.  She followed Robert everywhere.  He had commented that he had never seen a kitten you could step on and it would purr.  I thank God also that I did it and not Ele.  Snow White would  follow Ele to the car and try and get in, if she would have shut the door on her, it would have broke her heart.  I've never hit a cat, unlike Robert who has hit almost all of the animals on the ark, so I was upset as well.  On a lighter note, later in the evening, Parker the big black and white cat outside who drools all of the time, took a flying leap off the tote, sailing thru the air to land on April's boobs...we all were laughing so hard with Lex hollering....."Merna's gonna pee!"

God Blesses!

do your job

Listening to the radio this morning, I heard former President George W Bush talking.  He was discussing his new book and said that meeting the families that had fallen was special to him.  One story that I found personally emotional was that a widow gave the Prez a note which said, "John did his job, now you do yours."
The story is powerful, but at this time of year it felt very special.  This season I have tried to get in the "Christmas mood"...but more importantly I have tried to focus on the reason for the season.  God sent his only son, Jesus to be born, and to pay the price for our sins.  They did their job, are we doing ours?

God Blesses!


It was either -1 or 0 this morning.  We were warm and toasty inside.  We are so blesses.  Stay safe and have a great day!

God Blesses!


So here's what I hear from multiple people....We are so busy!  I just reply I understand, smiling, then say I think everyone is! .  Then they say the words I try not to be irritated by...yeah BUT we have to.....
The wrong part of me says, "Come On!!! You have a lot goiug on, but #1 It's not a competition. What prize are you going to win by proving you have more on your plate?! #2 There are people worse off than you, so suck it up!  Geesh.  Ok, let me stop and brush off the little red devil on my shoulder.  Now the right part of me stops and takes a breath I realize that #1 They may be so stressed that they don't realize how they are coming off, #2they need to tell someone about all of the stuff to get the stress off their chest, #3 If they do it all of the time....they may just not be able to handle stress...
I've decided that from now on I'm gonna try and say, "I know I'm blessed to have so much to be thankful for!"  This time of season makes us…


Momma should be almost home.She was released after the CT showed everything looked good. Right after they got there she acted ok and at every dr her BP was good. They said they think it was an amnesiatic response brought on by stress….must have been some upsetting dreams since she acted like that when she woke up. Please continue to pray.I don’t think any of us feel completely comfortable. Were just thanking God she's better.
God Blesses!

Pray for Momma

Daddy just called and Momma: ·woke up real confused ·couldn’t talk half-right ·she had a chiro appt ·chiro said take her to her dr ·her dr took bp and said to go to er--- Daddy wouldn’t say how high ·they are going to Saint Thomas ·she was crying and Daddy was telling her it was ok
Please say a prayer for her and Daddy.  I’m afraid that she’s had another stroke.


So you know it's gonna be a great day when you have to tell your child not to put her toothbrush on the cat!
Have a great one yourself!

God Blesses~!


Uncle Jerry says that we sure do have a lot fun all of the time when we tell him of our funny stories that happen during the day.  I stated that I didn't know that we had fun all of the time as much as we know how to laugh at ourselves.
Many times as a family we laugh at things others will get upset at.  A great example is that Ele and I were talkin last night and she began asking questions, which led to the talk.  Now when I say "the talk" I don't mean what you are thinkin, I mean that she began asking just how sick was I.  I believe with every cell in my body that when you are facing serious issues you should not hide them from your child.  When you hide them the child knows something is going on and is automatically scared because the issue has not been explained to them in terms that their maturity can handle.
We told the girls I had a boo-boo that you could not see....they were 2,5, and 6.  So last night Ele began asking questions, and at the age of 10, and a ma…