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the maybe

Maybe.....possibly, probably, "we believe", "we think", "we just don't know", "more than likely", "it appears to be"...all the words that we dread to hear.  Are we thinking on these words too much?  Are we putting our faith in Dr's?  Are we worrying? We shouldn't.  I don't need a Dr for Faith....nor for their "god complex" or poor bedside manners.  We have to take our own health (and that of those we love) in our own hands.  Demand the treatment we deserve....yeah it's "not our job", it's that of the medical professional you have put your trust in, and that of your whole family and friends.  If it doesn't feel right, then it's not.  Pray about it.
Please pray for my Uncle Danny (Uncle Jerry and Daddy's baby brother), as he has been told a dramatic diagnosis of cancer.  He has yet to see a specialist, and I pray that God's will be done.  He has brought us this far, and miracles…


My friend's son had a severe form of food poisoning and should be coming home today!  Thank all of yall for all of the prayers.  Once again you came through and God is Great!
God Blesses!


Please pray for a friend of mine who is on the way to the hospital.  Her son has been admitted and they will not tell her why.


Thank all of yall for making Eme's party so special.  She had a great time!
Blessings are sometimes hard to see, miracles are sometimes hard to accept, and faith is sometimes a battle...but all come from God.  God's glory is beautiful.  May we never take one day for granted.....nor any blessings!
God Blesses!


1st off Happy Anniv to Aunt Shirley and Uncle Jerry!  We love you and although I am not as good at sending cards, I hope you know our love goes out to yall all the time.  Second....pray and pray hard.  Sometimes in life we think that if we don't vocalize our thoughts or feelings, then they won't come true.  If our greatest fears or concerns are told, then they will happen.
It's easy to get caught up in that feeling, but as the Waterboy's Momma said, "That's the work of the devil!"  It is perfectly NOT ok to feel that way.  Sometimes we are hesitant to vocalize things we've been told for fear that it will be construed as gossip.  Let me tell you, STOP IT!  We don't know what's gonna happen day to day.  We don't know what the future will hold for any of us.  Live in today, and PRAY!  If you don't vocalize, if you don't break stigmas, if you don't say, "Un uh, don't think so!" with your hand on your hip, and your eye…


Im on vacation today, prepping for Emes party finishing painting, and I decide to swim for exercise this morning.   I listen to Turning Point on my phone.  The water is cold as i start to get in...then out.  Two or three times I do this trying to decide, and finally choose my health.  So down the ladder and walking around the pool with my arms held high....

Then i see the little critters...frogs...1...2...3...a couple of cuss words later, and running at a much faster pace I launch out of the pool.  As i wrap my towel around me i start to grab the railing....and #4 is below my hand!  You know some days we dont pay attention to hear God...i heard Him this morning loud and clear...get in there and work!....i believe i also heard Him add....and have Robert check the pool before u get in next time!

God Blesses!

My baby can touch the bottom!

Yes im cleanin it when he gets up....


Today...I will live in the moment.  I will laugh, love, support, listen, and pray.  I will not live in the past, wish the day away, so that tomorrow will replace the opportunities I missed today.  For today I will live by God's commandments, as God intended, not as I, nor the devil, might wish.  Today I will be thankful for I am truly blessed and I live!  God Blesses!


Robert is back from his trip.  He had a great time seeing all the family with Tori.  The girls and I held down the fort.  Me in my new rubber boots (so the dirt and dust of the garden doesn't eat off my skin), working in the yard.  The girls helped me so much.  As I pulled weeds they would follow with the little wagon and then go dump it.  We got the pool in almost working order, as we wait for our gasket to come in.  The kittens in the barn are jumping and playing, this week we should get them out for their first feel of grass.  We had a ball with the family on Sat afternoon, and we worked as a team, with my girls making me so proud.....oh and the biggest thing....April and Lex are moving into their own place in about a month!!!!!

God Blesses!


Flowers, heat, tractors,VBS, Homecoming, pool, camping, lake, boat, slip n slide, watermelon cold from the spring with just lawn chairs and a salt shaker...all the things of summer.  Smile at someone today.  The scowl on their face may be the memories of summer that include other words, where your life has an awesome navigator for those summer road trips....God. Thank him by showing that love.
God Blesses!

Soccer tryouts were brutal!


now and then

The girls have been talking about it for some time now, but the past week it has been everyday.  Momma can we have cake and a party?  Quito turns one this afternoon @ 6pm (yes, if I don't state it as such Ele will correct me). So this morning when asked about cake I think I'm being smart (you'd think I'd know better by now) I ask what kind of cake Quito would want and of course Ele (who is holding him) asks him, holds her head down to him, smiles and says red velvet cake (Ele's favorite)!  Here's our babies then and now.  They get big fast, and yes we LOVE them.  Can you tell?
God Blesses!