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nasty & funny

I just saw one of the nastiest things I have in a long time....It was an email for ebay which was advertising stuff to sell as usual, but this one was for summer stuff including.....bathingsuits. Now tell me would you wear some persons suit that you got used from ebay? (I know some of it is new with tags, but still the thought!
Prayer request- Mana's nephew was just told today that he's gonna have to have pretty major heart surgery in the spring, so please pray for them.
Now the funny. I got this email from Charla today and I loved it! Thanks Cuz! Love ya! All of yall have a great weekend. God Bless!

A half-gallon of 2% milk,
A carton of eggs,
A quart of orange juice,
A head of romaine lettuce,
A 2 lb. can of coffee, and
A 1 lb. package of bacon.

As I was unloading my items on the conveyor belt to check out, a drunk
standing behind me watched as I placed the items in front of the
cashier. While the cashier was ringing up the purchases, the drunk
calmly stated, "You must be sin…


I'm worn out. We've been prepping for Eme's party and I've stayed up way past my bedtime. I hope all of yall have a great day. Smile!!!

God Bless!


Sometimes we think that we can get away with doing what we want, but it doesn't always happen. I remember when I was little Daddy saying, "Get used to my rules, you will always have them, and when you get big they will be called the law." Well, in our house the rules are the LAW. haha! They girls know we always get a bath (shower). Eme was nasty, I mean, dirt caked on her. I was giving her her shower, dirt sliding off of her, and her nose was crinkled, when she pops off with, "Momma, Why we gotta get clean anyway?"

Yeah why do we? Don't ya think we need to talk with God and clean our hearts as often as we get a bath?

God Bless!


We got off the elevator in the Dr building, and my phone was playing music. I have Dream Big (my song) on my phone, and you can activate it to play. Well, we stopped and looked at Robert, and he smiled (even though he was wired) and said, "Must be a sign huh?" I saw a door right there beside of us, but paid no attention to it, then we went down the hall. Well we saw the Dr. He said that her heart looks perfect, and that he eliminated life threatening problems. He said her color was circulation, not her short on oxygen. That she may do it again, and may never, but that he can't say for sure what is wrong, until he gets a reading of it while it's happening, so her heart monitor will be delivered Wednesday, and she will have it for a month. We just hook her up to it when she has an episode. She goes back in a month. When we were leaving, I noticed the door that we had stood by, smiled and said, "Robert look at the door." It was the speaker from the …

hanging in

We're just hanging in there. Ele had a weak spell mid-day yesterday, but has otherwise done well. The message at church today was letting God have control. I felt better after praying in church, and knowing that God is in control, my worries were less. Please pray for her tomorrow. I realize it's going to be overwhelming for her. I hope yall have a great day!

God Bless!


I need yall to pray. Not an hour after I posted yesterday Robert came rushing in the house with a limp Ele. She had said she didn't feel well, and then she crumpled on the steps face down. Robert rolled her over and she was pale blue, and her lips were lavander. He came rushing in the house and she was able to answer us. I made her sit up and she said she wanted some water, after a little bit her coloring came back a little. We called her Dr, and we took her down. Another wild car ride, Robert couldn't drive, and I was on dizzy meds. They ran all kind of tests, and on the way down I got to thinking. Two other times her lips turned purple/pink, but it was in the pool, and she said she was cold, so we shrugged it off. She has been having a lot of "tingling" in her feet, but we thought that was growing pains. When you add it all together though, it all relates. All of the tests came back good, and she was still pale this morning. She is scheduled for 9:30 M…

tooth and memories

Who remembers losing a tooth? I do. One time my Momma tried yanking mine out by tying it to and slamming the frig door...didn't work...Daddy got onto her and used the back door, and it flew across the kitchen. We found it, but for a second....I thought I wasn't gonna get any money! Everybody says Eme looks like Robert, and yes, she does! Those that know my Daddy say that Ele looks like him, but others say she looks like me. I noticed last week that she was getting freckles across her cheeks, and nose, then today I got a call at work...her first tooth was loose! They are all getting big, Lex her size, Eme her attitude, and Ele well, she's moving from the baby stage to the "big girl" stage, Eme is too, but Ele seems so mature. To think her hair is to her waist, and she had lost it that one time, now my baby is a kid, and I know if something ever happened to me, she could lead Robert around by the nose! One of the things I try to tell yall is to enjoy every …


Sorry yall...double inner ear infection and a reg ear infection on the right. Just tired and my meds have wore off, so I feel rough. I'm gonna go load up and go to bed. I hope yall have a great day!

God Bless!

little ones

I talk about the girls a lot but who doesn't talk about their kids? We love them and brag on them, and are proud of even their most "precious" moments. I love the girls, and know all of you with kids are smiling saying I love mine! We need to remember that they grow up fast! Eme is on their computer playing Caillou, and he's saying "Let's Play!" over and over, but it amazes me how she know s how to play it, and work it like crazy when she is still little, but then she always amazes us! We all need to hug our "Little Ones" real hard cause they won't be little forever. Say a prayer for a friend of ours Em, her family, and her new addition Andrew. Congratulations Em! I remember holding the girls, and it really does seem like just yesterday.

God Bless!

Father's Day Weekend

Robert got his weekend....he asked for all he got!

Friday night we went shopping for Eme's party stuff. I was checking out and Robert was holding Eme. People of course were around. Ele says, "There isn't a (supergirl) pimpinata's" Yes that is how she says it. To which Robert thought he would be smart and say, "Maybe Gege could be the pinata" Eme never missing a beat proclaims loudly, "Yeah, and we can hit her and poop will fall out!"

Today we were swimming and Ele kept saying her eye was hurting cause it had water splashed in it. Eme I guess had enough of it and says, "Well get out of the pool then you little pussy!"

Yeah...Robert teaches the girls useful items, all of which he can be thankful for on Father's Day!

I hope all of yall had a great Father's Day & God Bless!

try and try again

We think that we want to give up...we pray about it, and we realize that we can't, for various reasons we continue. I just read on the news where a 73-year-old Indian farmer who vowed not to marry before passing his high school exams has failed to get through for the 38th time. Do you really think that you'd try 38 times? or would you say that after # 10 you'd quit? It's hard to say what drove him to, but you know that you have lots of reason's to keep on keepin on. Hope yall have a great weekend!

God Bless!


OK Yall...Ovarian Cancer. Over the years Doctors have said that there was no early sign of Ovarian Cancer, but now the American Cancer Society is saying that there are. Too many times it is not caught until it is in the later stages (which as mine, can still be true), but now they are at least giving us some things to watch for:

The experts say women should see their doctor if they suddenly experience any of these symptoms daily for at least three weeks:
_Pelvic or abdominal pain.
_Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly.
_Frequent or urgent urination.

Please watch out for any of these signs, and pray for those affected.

God Bless!

Love Everyone

"Jesus' followers wanted to know...what matters most to God? Jesus' answer was simple. Love God with everything you have in you and love your neighbor like you love yourself. Jesus meant anybody that you meet, or anyone that you know. Jesus wants us to love everyone that he brings into our lives." This story was in the girls Princess Bible that we just finished reading. Think about everyone that we meet. When you see someone in passing, tell them hi, to have a good day, smile, hold the door, do something special to make them feel better. You will feel better too.
God Bless!

Eme's 4 yr Picture

Well, Eme is turning 4 the first of July, and Uncle Jerry says that she's not gonna be my baby anymore. Eme says she'll always be my baby. Isn't it amazing that we always consider ourselves our parent's babies, and we tell our kids that they will always be our babies too? Why would we ever think that God doesn't think the same? He has unconditional love, watches over us, advises us (if we'll listen), and is always there. I wonder have we told our parents, like God, that we are thankful for their love lately? I know I haven't done a very good job of it.

God Bless yall!

Eme had to have her pic made with White Cloud for her birthday (She's having a Supergirl Party)...I loved this's not the one we used obviously, but it's too funny! Doesn't it look like White Cloud is saying, "Dear God, Please save me!"

Weekend for Survivors

1. How do you like the new do? haha! I loved the bald pic, and will forever love it...I better huh since it was my drivers license the whole time? Did yall know that?
2. I do love this blog site a lot better...Thanks Holly!
3. I had a great weekend:
Friday night was the Relay for Life in Franklin. I got to be with family and friends. They played "Wind Beneath my Wings" which was played at our wedding for Mana, and I watched religiously while a teen, and also watched while I was sick one night when I couldn't sleep I was flipping channels and cried the whole time. I cried Friday a little as the girls, Robert and April came out to do the survivor lap with me. Ele, of course, noticed and I told her I was just happy. She was the one who spotted my luminaries.Saturday was beautiful, and I was productive, but not as much as I would have liked, but I really didn't care.Sunday (today) was amazing. The Church service was about "miracles". Then we picked …