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We had a great Memorial Day.  we all did around the house each with our own goals.  None of us completely reached our goals, but enjoyed the day and the weekend a lot!  Hope yall found grace and beauty this weekend.  God Blesses!

baby girl(s)

Many say that Ele is my part, true.  Forever I will say that she is the middle child, for Lex is the oldest. Many are amazed that there is only 10 months between them, since there is close to a foot and a half difference in height.  Today they begin a new journey in life as they step out of NSE as students and begin to make steps toward middle school.  I made the trip myself, not an easy one, but one I have no doubt they will travel well, for in every sense of the word, they are sisters.  I'm very proud of my girls, all three.  I love you.

God Blesses!


We went camping this weekend and loved relaxing and sittin around with the H's.  Gabrielle is a mess and Robert will be walkin around for the next couple of weeks sayin, "Hush yo mouth!"  haha!  Less than two whole days and we will have two little middle schoolers, but of course Eme will hold down the fort.   God Blesses!

wild child

Yes, the wild child has struck again.  I've said before that Eme has an old soul.  A soul that seems to have a direct line with Heaven.  Yesterday Momma said that Eme asked how she was.  Momma said she was tired, but getting better, which is what mattered.  Eme replies with the following, "No, Gege...What's important is that you're still here with us."  I don't think I could have said it any better baby.
God Blesses!


I was going to title this blog Grads, but kept thinking of love.  Lex and Ele had their 5th grade recognition last night.  Yes, our girls are graduating 5th grade, Elementary school, moving on up.....Lex and Ele will be going to Middle School!  Our girls won awards and I was so proud of them.  To me though all the awards won didn't mean as much as (voted on by their classmates) Lex receiving most Honest and Ele most Dependable....says so much about their characters.  Don't get me wrong their grade accomplishments, and Ele winning most beautiful handwriting (when she's a lefty!) meant a lot, but to know that their smart and beautiful, inside and out, and was something earned through respect is just special to me.
I now have a tendency to look at things as joyous or humerus, not sappy or upsetting.  I said tendency, not rule. Last night I did not have a tear in my eye, but at the end the kids were asked to hand out their appreciation gifts. Many children handed out one to ea…


Sorry yall!  I've been sick, and had lots of work.  Not a reason not to update, but a good excuse.  I'm on the up and Momma is doing great!  We think she is recovering better from this than any other surgery since being home.  Prayin that she keeps improving, and thankin yall for helping uplift!

God Blesses!

Whoo hoo!...2

Momma is coming home this afternoon!  Thank yall!
God Blesses!

Mothers Day

Momma might get to come home today!!! One Dr cleared.  Waiting on another....and then....and then she gets to come home.  I hope all of yall had a great Mother's Day, whether you birthed them or not.
God Blesses!

Whoo hoo!

BP is back up and temp is normal, kidney's seem to be getting better.  I waited to update today to see if Momma would pull out of the problem, and right after I posted they came in and Momma is doing better!  YEAH!!!! Keep them prayers a comin and Momma will be a speed walkin!
God Blesses!


Pray, Pray Pray!  Momma is running a fever, she hasn't been which is unusual for her case.  Then have said her kidney's are trying to shutdown so they are giving her more fluids.  They are currently doing an ultrasound on her kidneys, and now she is in room #707.  We just want her off these meds cause it is got to be hard on her body.  Gob Blesses!

Sexy Momma

Whats it mean when ur daughter announces that her Daddy told her she has to date a boy with a hot momma!  Geesh!  Haha!  And he starts laughin!


Thank yall for all of the prayers.  You'll never know how much it has meant.  I thank God daily that I am still here, but more so I thank him for all of those that have went on before us, who have fought the battles we face, who lost their battle, but taught us all.  I know with God's help someday we will win the wars.God Blesses!


Momma fed herself this morning and ate good.  She even got herself cleaned up!!!!
God is Great!  and so are yall.  Thank you so much for all the prayers!  Our family motto may need to change from "Suck It Up" to "Proof Miracles Happen"!
God Blesses!


Momma is resting well on her own.  She is not having to take the "calming" meds (Hasn't had a hit since last night).  THANK U JESUS!  They have said that they think she will get to come home the first of next week.
God Blesses!

They Found It!!

Momma has a Viral Infection in her Spine. Makes wonder she was so worked up. They are going to give her an antibiotic for it. I realized yesterday that Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and it has been so heavy on my heart. I prayed this morning that I wanted my Momma back for Mothers Day.Thank you Jesus! Also, thank you to all of you for your support and prayers.Thank you soooo much! AMEN and HALLELUJAH! God is Great!


Dr just came in and scan shows that she hasn’t had any other strokes, and is going to have scans done to verify no infection in heart or brain. She is pumped full of meds to keep her calm, and Thank you Jesus they are workin!  Keep them prayers a comin cause we know they're a workin.  We have Faith, and we Believe! God Blesses!

Keep it

Keep them prayers comin!  Momma rested last night!  Whoo hoo!
God Blesses!


Please pray for Momma and Daddy.  Shes doin a lot worse.  They are finally evaluating her meds.  Weve got faith though....we believe!  God Blesses!


Devotional for is so great!  Considering today...all I can say is AMEN!
Romans 8:31
31 What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?


Turns out Momma has had a rough couple of nights and it's because she has infection and fluid on her lungs which is causing her to not get oxygen to her brain....thus she is REALLY LOOPY.  Their words at the hospital....Daddy says she's confused....I say she throws a mean elbow, kick, and slap....yeah I bout laid on her to get her to stop getting out of the bed.....but hey the wrestling match got me 10 min of her resting....yeah it was worth it..... Momma’s id arm bracelet says she is 63 years old…kinda ironic in 4 months and one day I will be 36 years old, and I am once again in the hospital.I am on the other side of the rail, listening to Momma be a patient that has no patience.I found it extremely comical as I used the antibacterial foam on the wall.Robert used it all of the time while I myself lay in the various beds.Someday I am sure that studies will show it either ineffective or more disease causing than that of non-users, although just for the sake of “just in case” I u…