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open houses

All three girls had their two open houses (at school and pee-school) last night and we had a great time. We enjoyed seeing all the teachers and parents. Eme's high heels were a hit, as was Ele and Lex's hair being down (we let them, since we could make sure not cooties came around). This weekend plans to yet again be a busy one, but I plan on taking it slow and enjoying it...yall do the same!

God Bless!


I get a lot of what some would call "junk email". I enjoy the majority and don't get a lot of repeats. One I received recently had a list of items from God. Over time I think I'll talk about some of them.

We think we have to have stuff NOW...a lot worse than kids. Why do you think there is so much credit card debit? God managed to fix it so in just one lifetime we could have so many diverse experiences. We grow from a child to an adult, have children, change jobs many times, learn many trades, travel to so many places, meet thousands of people, and experience so much. How can we be so impatient then when it takes God a little longer than we expect to handle something we have asked God to take care of for us? Trust in God.

He is always in control! Give it up! Think about that one...It was one of my favorite exerts...I guess cause it hit home. God Bless yall!~

For My Women and My Girls

I read this and was inspired. I had thoughts of all yall running thru my head. It made me want to cry. Please read this and have a great day and God Bless!


When I was little, I used to believe in the concept of one best friend, and then I started to become a woman. And then I found out that if you allow your heart to open up, God would show you the best in many friends.
One friend is needed when you're going through things with your man. Another friend is needed when you're going through things with your mom. Another will sit beside you in the bleachers as you delight in your children and their activities. Another when you want to shop, share, heal, hurt, joke, or just be.
One friend will say, "Let's cry together," another, "Let's fight together," another, "Let's walk away together."
One friend will meet your spiritual need, another your shoe fetish, another your love for movies, another will be with you in your season…


Ele and Lex have sinus infections, and Ele, because her immune was down, she caught a virus too. I took all three girls to the Dr, and we spent the day together. They are something else. I am very proud of them. Even though when we were in the new Dr's office there was some drops of water on the floor of the handicapped stoll where the contractors must have been trying out the new faucet (You know the kind to clean the floors). Well I had to go, so the girls were asking what the faucet was for and I exlained. Well it was only after I had tinkled that they saw the drops of water and started yelling that I "tinkled" in the floor! They are a trip. Have a great day yall and try not to "tinkle" in the floor ok?

God Bless!


People smoking go to me last night, Lex has a fever, and Ele is throwing up. Please pray for them. I hope yall have a great Monday....remember, Monday is not a bad day unless you CHOOSE it to be.

God Bless!


We have a busy weekend planned with a company picinic, birthday party, shopping, etc. We all get in a hurry and think we can fit everything in, but remember to not put yourself in a bind where you cannot enjoy anything because you are constatnly thinking about what you are supposed to be doing, and not enjoying what you are doing. It's easy to think you don't have a choice, but you do. You just have to choose. I hope yall have a great one!

God Bless!


Please pray for Eme's "peeschool" teacher. She has an infection in her adrenal gland and needs our prayers. We all know the power of prayer. There are so many right now who need the power of prayer in their lives. Thank God that we have his amazing grace!

God Bless!


Ele does great on her school work. She always gets 100's or more. Sunday night I was looking at her work from the previous week and she was getting those grades until the end of the paperwork, and there was one that she had missed 5. I gasped and said, "Oh my!" I was shocked and called her in the kitchen. I sat down with her talking about all of her work, saying how proud of her I was, then asked what had happened on that one. She turns her head to the side and pushes out of her mouth her answer, hesitating all the way, "Well Momma, my glasses were foggy."....I'm sure that was a one of a line of them that I had never heard of yet!

God Bless!

young and old

We were eating supper and Lex and Robert got into a childish argument. I looked at Robert and said, "How old are you 4?" To which he says, "Yeah" Lex says, "No you're not! Eme is!" I said, "I'm the youngest in the house!" Ele and Lex say, "No you're not." I said, "Yep, I'm only 1." Ele says, "How?" I replied, "When I went to Vandy my clock got reround." Lex says, "What's that mean?" To which my lovely husband responds, "She's 1 on the inside, and 60 on the outside!"
Have a great day and rewind your clock!

God Bless!


Funny one today folks. We went to Walmart. Robert, Ele, and Eme went to get bread, and I was in the cleaning isle, across from clothes. I hear this hanger break behind me, giggles, and then little voices going, "Oohhhh!" I turn to see people (lots of them) going by and I see a break in it with Robert picking blue lingerie off the floor, red faced, and the girls with their hands over their mouths giggling! It was great! haha! Have a great one!

God Bless!


ok....lets talk about the ding-dongs who are trying to be cute about their kids names....I realize you're going, "Look at your kids names!" Well ...does anybody remember Prince changing his names years ago? How pitiful did that prove?!? Now you have parents who are trying to name their kids "4real" and "@". God help those kids. To me their parents are just looking for attention. People get real yourself. Poor on to real matters. Lets remember to pray for all of those who are affected by the natural disasters occuring.

God Bless!


We are blessed yet again. Robert's cousin's are at the beach till Friday. Peru had an earthquake and there was supposed to be a tsunami hit Ecuador. It did not but was small. We are blessed that they were not hurt. Thank God! Isn't it amazing that he takes care of us....for us to find out after the fact. He truly holds our hands.

God Bless!


You least expect what you need when you need it. You think that your ok now, your need a distant memory that was required at your specified time. It's not. Your need is a want, until the time which you won't know till your in it or it's over, that you really had the need right at that moment in time. Pray in thanks for the needs that are answered, the wants that are not, and the love of God.

God Bless!

p.s. Internet was messed up, sorry I couldn't blog!


We are all tired. We didn't do much of anything, but are still tired tonight. We are wrapping things up tonight and getting in bed early so that we will be ready for in the morning...the first day of 2nd grade! We are all excited. We are redoing the office to be an "Ecuador" theme. I'm not even going to finish it'll be there tomorrow. Have a great week!

God Bless!


April and I registered the girls for school (the girls have seperate classes this year) this morning then left to get Robert. We picked him up at the Airport and came home for a lazy day. He thought Ele'sglasses were cute, and was surprised by the roses. He brought us so much stuff! The girls loved their stuff! Thank yall for praying for him and us!

God Bless!

Day 9

Day 9...yes you read right! He is not home YET! God, yet again, watched over us. His plane was delayed for almost 12 hours, because of engine trouble (before it got off the ground...thank you God!) and then because the crew was late. He will not fly into Houston till after the last flight leaves, so he will not get to fly home until the morning....Uncle Jerry called (April answered) and Uncle Jerry being funny because Robert was in South America where there are lots of drugs asks April, "So has the dope got there?" to which Ms Genius says, "No...he hasn't got home yet!"...she thought he was calling Robert a Dope!

God Bless!

Day 8

D-Day. Dada comes home. The girls are so excited. I finally told them that we are all going to the airport to meet him. He doesn't know. We got 12 roses to give him. 1 from each girl, and 9 from me since it's our 9th anniv tomorrow. I am so blessed. I know that we have been through some rough times, but we are stronger than ever now. I hope yall have a great day. I'm sure we will!

God Bless yall!

Day 7

We've been busy while Robert has been gone. We haven't let him know though so that it is a surprise. Isn't it fun to give someone a surprise. I know Robert has a lot for us also, I don't even know how many presents he is bringing back! He was laughing talking about Carlos and Olympia (his sister) last night. I guess Carlos was trying to get Robert to drink and dance at the wedding Saturday night and Olympia was telling him to leave Robert alone (they are all very protective of him. In fact when they all go somewhere they put him in the middle, and when he crosses the street they even hold his hand!!! I would have loved to see that!), anyhow Carlos was saying "Shuuut Up!" to Olympia. I guess they went back and forth on it, like little kids, even though they have grandkids! haha. Yesterday they went to "Old Quito". He has now taken 8 of the 10 (39) exposure cameras. He is taking his last two with him shopping today.

God Bless!


Seems like a lifetime that he has been down there. He went to see his Grandmother's grave yesterday morning and to a wedding that was neat, but he said they didn't get to eat till approx mdnight or one in the morning. I told him he wan't in the south were we eat a lot. He is having a great time though. Today he went shopping and will go agin tomorrow. One of his cousin's owns a bus and they all loaded up and traveled two hours out of the city where they hand make stuff. We are so blessed that he has such a great family!

God Bless!


Robert went to the volcano which has a village in the crater and to the center of the world. He took lots of pics and has a full weekend planned. He is loving being with his family. They are so sweet! God has truly blessed us! He got a picture of his Dad and Grandmother together when his Dad was little, and he is pouting with his arms crossed....yup you guessed it....looks just like Eme!

God Bless!


Well, Robert emailed me and we all got to talk to him tonight. He is doing great. He said that when he rounded the corner from customs there was 20-25 of his relatives waiting for him pressed against the glass waiving, and that he felt like Justin Timberlake! haha! He had a great day, went to the museum, and is at Uncle George's right now. I'm so happy for him and proud. He said that they drive like bats out of hell, and that there is a lot of air pollution, but it is safe. He is still a little nervous and getting used to everyone. I just hope it doesn't take him all week when he's ready to come home, to open up. I think he's gonna be fine though. Thanks for all the prayers!

God Bless!

Day 1

Robert made it to Ecuador fine. He had no problems at customs and said the guy just said Si Senor, and he went on in (getting in was what he was worried about, I've always thought it was getting out, but why worry him! haha!). I guess there was a bunch of his relatives waiting for him when he got there, immediately after customs., which is so sweet! I was half out of it, so I could not ask intelligent questions. He called around 12:31 am, so he had been there for a little while, I imagine he had been busy. I hope he has a great day today, and of course he is going to call again tonight to let us know and I'll post then.

God Bless!