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We're all doing better, although Rebel is going psycho. She has been laying around getting some SERIOUS lovin the past week, and now she's going through withdrawls. Thanks for the prayers! Please pray for Marcy and her family as her Grandaddy got to go home yesterday morning after a lengthy wait. Have a great day yall!
God Bless!

husband proud

Image when you see the first pic you are wondering why is she posting a pic of a wheel.....well folks, look at the second pic closely.....yes, that is my husband mowing the yard with his pitiful lawnmower. He loves this silly much that to turn it off you have to hold two wires together and short it out....well today it lost a wheel and he kept mowing with it! It will never die, and if it does I think he'll figure out some way to drag it around and make it work! Please continue to pray for us to get better....Lex and Eme are well (prayers worked)...Ele and I are still feverin.
God Bless!


Lex is going back to school tomorrow, Ele is staying home still, and Eme is home with her. Ele has a 99.5 and Eme has 100.5. I'm not feeling too well myself. Dad gome these kids! Please pray that they get better. Please pray for Marcy's granddad who is being called home soon, as he is losing his battle with lung cancer, and for Marcy who is with him. Also please pray for a friend at work and her mission group. They are in Honduras currently amongst all of the political strife, and are running out of food and currently not being allowed to leave the country. God is glorious….faith is required, and his love is unending.
God Bless!


Please pray for Ele and Lex who have fevers. Ele has some sort of infection, and Lex has to go to the Dr in the morning.
I have meetings tomorrow that aren't major, but have had to prepare for….I want to be prepared so that I won't be tempted to deviate from what I am supposed to say and move into the realm of what I want I shouldn't say. Ie…stick my foot in my mouth. I haven't voiced this to anyone, so I know that's why when Eme began praying tonight I got freaked. We were praying tonight and Eme starts praying that she hopes we don't get fired tomorrow (or in detention), then later on prayed for our jobs tomorrow. She walked out and I looked at Robert and said, "That freaked me out because I have my meetings tomorrow!" Robert says, "That freaked me out too!" haha! I hope it was just because people pray for those who have lost their jobs in church, and not that she's relaying messages again! We really do need to say a prayer for…


The rain is beautiful to hear outside. It beats down on the metal roof and sooths you….it also tries to keep you in bed! Rain is another form of God's nurture, not meant to be an inconvenience to us, nor a "plan ruiner". It is a blessing….just like your daily life rain is all in how you look at it. Please pray for all those traveling today.
God Bless!

The Godkids

I loved this pic from Sat night!
Tori, Grant, Ele, Macy, and Eme!

God Bless!

Ele’s 9

We had a big weekend. I found out I have a sinus infection on Friday. Ele's best friend spent the night Friday night. Saturday morning Ele had her first soccer game of the season. She elbowed and shoved a little boy within the first 10 min, touched the ball a LOT, and about 5 min before half time one of the hardest hitters on our team kicked the ball into Ele's face when he was trying to pass. Happy birthday baby! She looked rough and her nose bled a little, but she got back in the game. Her face started looking better and she did not even have a headache…God watched over us again. Saturday night we rested and went over Mana's. Today church, and shopping. Tonight….tired and feeling rough…..I'd swear it's 1am! Haha! Have a great one!
God Bless!


This afternoon, the girls were talking up Momma & Daddy's about the vegetable garden. They asked me if there was any rotten tomatoes or ground hog nibbled ones could they throw them over the fence or in Da's corn. Momma exclaimed, "You throw them over the fence. Don't you throw them in the corn!" Ele asks why. Momma then says, "Cause it will attract varmints!" Ele snarls that nose, raises the one side of her mouth, and in a Robert face says, "WHAT is varmints!?!" Daddy died laughing! Chase away your personal varmints with God's help.
God Bless!


"Just A Swingin'!" Couldn't resist! Have a great day yall! Smile and let someone know that God Loves Them!
God Bless!


We had a big week. Ele had a GREAT party, I had a great birthday, Eme had a great time, and Ele had a great practice. Ele's party was a hit. David, Holly, Lucas, and Brooklyn were the hit of the party (Thank yall!!!). I had a hot flash on my birthday night and Eme called me a "Hot Momma"…then at Eme's friend's party Friday night I hear that Eme told the class! On Thursday's practice Ele had a great assist, kicking the ball between two boys, to another little girl who shot it past the boy goalie and scored! At Ele's party, Eme asks Daddy to swing her and Rachel. Daddy is swinging them and Eme looks at Rachel and says, "See I hold you he was a GREAT Swinger!" Have a great swinging day yall!
God Bless!