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We are given our lives as seeds.  We can help them grow.  Prune them to much. Stunt them for a while.  Allow a neighborhood dog pee on them.  Have people tend them.  Care for them, show grace and love.  Some have a better touch at it than others, and sometimes our lives grow into beautiful flowers and fruit.  Water them with the wornderful Word of God.  How wonderful for our lives to become a blessing of beauty for others.  Be a wonderful scent for ourselves, something to be proud Sara Walker.  A beautiful blessing to so many.  We were so blessed to have you on earth, through your words you have helped me to heal. Thank you more than you will ever know. You won the battle.  Gods grace of comfort to your family and friends, for their rays of sunshine may have dimmed today, but your legacy will keep them warm and shine forever.

God Blesses!

One of my fav Sara moments....

Road Map

I have been lax in posting.  I apologize.
Mainly because I have been trying to get my self in order.  I neglected the most important things in life because I did not focus on my health.  I let the world direct my focus.  There are many days that I forget I am a miracle...even with my nose ring reminder. 
Lately my health was on the back burner (mental and physical).  To give credit though...physical wise I have been trying, but it has been trial and error since there is not much of a road map for my present health.  NOT ANYMORE.  I am taking control...and giving it over to GOD.
My roadmap...whatever God has planned.
I kept putting it off...doing what I hear God telling me.  I WILL let God lead the dance of my life.
I kept thinking just to make it through the day then I would start tomorrow.  We are NOT promised tomorrow....I have wrote the date many times today, but not realized the date.  I heard the song, "Tough"...the verse when they found out she had cancer...I snapped …