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I got home from work today and Eme had notes in her folder.....from two boys! Daddy said that he told her that her Daddy was not going to like that! We were all laughing because Robert does not even want to talk to the girls about boys~! Well, when Daddy said that about Robert Eme smiled and said, "I know. I'm toast!" We all died laughing!

God Bless!

first day

Eme had her first day back at school yesterday after being out for a whole week. Robert was overwhelmed as he was standing with Eme and her teacher in the hall talking. He said the little kids started peaking out of the gym, then started coming out to see Eme. Little Miss popular! It made Robert feel so good that all these little kids were concerned about her, and I'm sure Eme also, although she really didn't want to talk with me about it much. She acted like it was no big deal. She wanted to talk about something else more.....she got her Achievement Award for Kindergarten! That means she knows all the things she is supposed to to move on to 1st grade! What a big girl! Please continue to pray for Kristen's family and for Ms. Jo Ann. There are so many sick right now....please pray for them all!

God Bless!


Eme is doing better! Yeah!!!

Robert and the stairs...every night it seems like I forget something and when Robert starts to come up the steps I hollar at him and ask him to get it for me....well tonight was no different! When I did he started complaining and hollering that he knew I was gonna do that....everynight I do it....yada, yada....anyway, tonight right after he went back downstairs Ele said she was thirsty....Robert was stating to come back upstairs when you heard Lex say, "Wait till he comes up"...then you heard them die laughing! Have a great weekend!

God Bless!


Eme is least for now...please keep praying they say it can take a while. I want yall to pray for the Cuz as she seems to not be feeling well, but as always is thinking of others and keeping her head up! Cuz, I'll write ya soon!

God Bless!


Please pray for Kristen's family and friends tomorrow as they lay her to rest, morn a loss, and celebrate her short life. She has touched so many.
Eme went back to the Dr. today. She had to get a shot, which took three grown women laying on her to give it to her...we now have our wrestler in the family. She was nothing but MAD afterwards either! They said she can't go back to school until Friday. Pray for her as she still needs to get better.

God Bless!

pray and bell

Please continue to pray for Kristen's family, friends, and all those whose lives she has touched.
Eme has been sick please say a prayer for her as her fever has peaked again.

For the comedy of the day, Eme was doing some makeup work at the kitchen table while I cooked supper. Ele and Lex was helping her while they were nibbling on some chips. Ele is reading the scentences off to her....Ele says, "What rhymes with bell?" Eme says something which I look at Ele and say, "What did she say?" While she is chomping on chips, she say what sounds like HELL.....I asked again, what did she say? To which Ele says, "HELL", as she chomps non-chalantley on chips, I am so shocked that I open my mouth and finally hear the background noise of Eme saying, "I didn't mean to! I didn't mean to!" Then Lex says, "That's not a choice on here!" I almost busted out! Please wish Robert a Happy Birthday!

God Bless!


We have a lot of work to do today yall! One of my greatest fears as a parent is to lose your child. Please pray for Kristen's whole family through out the day yall. She lost her battle early this morning. I pray that God gives them peace in knowing that she is in God's loving arms. I also pray for all of the children at the school, that they know that she is in heaven. We all feeL sometimes that we are protective of our children, and although we cannot protect them from everything, but we can hold them tight. Give them a great big hug! Have a good day yall and please pray!

God Bless!


The girls got a surprise yesterday, and I did too. I came home to the girls showing me what Da had made them...he had made them ramps so they could jump their bikes! They are small, but they thought they were the greatest things! Please continue to pray for Kristen, Ms. JoAnn and Aunt Shirley's Dad! Have a great weekend yall!


Last night the girls did not want to finish their supper even though they asked for it. It was just Ele and Eme left at the table. We heard Eme yelling because Ele had put some of her food in Eme's bowl. Then it was just Eme left. All of a sudden she was done. April hollared for me because she wanted me to see. She had dropped her food in the floor little by little! What a little stinker! Have a great day and keep prayin!

God Bless!


Please continue to pray for Kristen and her family, as they are holding, but need our prayers. Also please continue to pray for Ms. Jo Ann. We had a nice afternoon outside today it was really pretty. Many are goign thru the stomach bug right now, so we need to keep they and their cooties in our prayers as well! Have a great day yall!

God Bless!


Please continue to pray for Ms. JoAnn. PLEASE pray for Kristen and her family. She is a 5th grader at the girls school. We know her family, and the Dr's have told the family to have everyone pray because they have done all they can. It started out as the flu, and went into pneumonia. Have a great day yall, and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!

God Bless!


Please pray for Ms. Jo Ann. She is not doing well. We know prayers can work though! Faith will assist her in her fight! This was her last update: "Jo let me know that the doctors were not able to remove the breathing tube from Jo Ann again today due to complications with her blood pressure. It seems that now she is running a fever. They are going to run some test to help determine the next course of action. Please make this a matter of importance in your thoughts and/or prayers.."
I agree Gary we need to pray pray pray! Ms Jo Ann needs us! Please let everyone you know pray too. She is one of the ones who helped me, but anyone needs our prayers. Even those you see on the street. Times are tough yall and if someone seems unnice to you, remember that they may be unhappy for a very good reason. Have a great weeken yall!

God Bless!


Please pray for Ms Jo Ann as she recovers from surgery!
It turned cold. We all want to cuddle and be warm.....and "little dude" came inside last night. Yes Robert won. But I did too cause he slept in the bathroom! He is really good. He got a bath, perfume, and even is really good about pottying when he goes out. It is only temporary till it gets warmer! The cats are ok when him, but Robert said it was gonna be a "s$%@ flinging fest"....he has no faith in my babies! Robert just sweared that Zeus growled at Tyson...and he jsut said, "Who's bad now Tyson?" I told him he just talked smack to a cat and he said, "I've picked up his poop for years, so who's bad now?!" I still think it's just pitiful! Now Robert just hollared, "Be careful Zeus he's got a fat sister!" (Talking about Rebel).
Have a great one yall!
God Bless!

yesterday and today

First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY late to the Cuz! I can't believe that I didn't say it yesterday! She is being teased that she is a lot older than what she is so just for her Happy 49th Birthday Charla!!! haha!
On another note it was Vic's Birthday yesterday as well and I know I blogged that her Dad was doing better, but yesterday morning in his sleep he lost his battle. I know it is true that they are better off, but it is still hard on the family. Please pray for her and Vanna, and the entire family.
Aunt Shirley made it to WV to see her Dad who is holding strong.
Please continue to pray for those who are sick and their families.

God Bless!


Vic's dad is doing better. Aunt Shirley's Dad is holding steady and we are still prayin! Please continue to pray for those who are sick and those affected by the economy. It came home today with a decrease where I work but we still have our jobs! God is good!

God Bless!


Well, we've got Atlas (half german shepard and half rotweiller), and now we have Zeus (quarter wiener dog, quarter german shepard, quarter boxer, quarter coon hound)....he's Robert's birthday present from us, and Robert is in love. He follows Robert all around the yard. Saturday we were all outside and whenever I would miss Robert he would be resting under a tree with Zeus. The girls are in love too, and Daddy calls him a butter ball. Have a great day yall!

God Bless!

tomorrow and pray

Please pray for Daddy's. Vic, Carol and Aunt Shirley's Daddy are not doing well. Please pray for them and their families. Tomorrwo three years ago I got home. Thank you Jesus! It was one of the happiest days of my life, and one that I can feel my kids in my arms even now. Thank yall! Looka around you and know the miracles God has given us. Glory to God! Have a great weekend yall!

God Bless!


The day is yours. Yours to make of it what you will, now what you will is the key. Not what someone says to you, not how something affects you, not how you react to somehting. What you will. Make it your day. Make it a reflection of the true day the Lord has made. Rejoice!

God Bless!


The girls had their awards night with Upwards Basketball and had a great time. Coach hollared at Lex when we were walking off and said, "Lex, you hit that backboard, and nobody can stop you." She just smiled! Then we got home and Uncle Jerry called to tell us that the guy who bought Robert's car in Indy gave Uncle Jerry some little tongs he had found in the car. Now notice I said tongs. Uncle Jerry called them thongs, and when I didn't know what he was talking about cause I thought he was being smart referring to my underwear, he went on to explain, "you know hot ones..." When I started laughing he finished for hot dogs! I was busting out cause he accidently said my husband had hot little thongs in his car...when he meant to say hot dog tongs! I told him I was gonna tell Aunt Shirley that he was spreading rumors about my husband....and for the record...Aunt Shirley, he said his defense is that he's just an old man!

God Bless!

drop off

Yesterday Ele and I were laying on the couch, and Eme was asleep on another. Something was said, and I said Ele, she's your baby sister, to which Ele replied unuh. I said well where do you thik we got her, picked her up on the side of the road? Ele said, "No, but I wish you'd drop her off!" Have a great day yall! Make it mean something to someone else.

God Bless!