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The joke is that everyone knows we'll take in every animal people dont want...heck even rabbits.  We have pets who appear to us and they are family.  In sayin that, as far as I know In the 100 years of our home we have a first.....Oreo.  A dwarf hamster.  Yep....our poor daughter seemed amazed that she needed to make sure and watch Quito around Oreo.  Naturally Quito will try and eat her I replied.  As she and I turn our heads and look at the scared autistic cat I simply reply.....OK...maybe not.God Blesses!


Prayin this morn for my brother.  So proud of him.  At 46, he is right along guys half his age doin great at the police academy.  His life experiences have brought him to fullfillin Gods plan.  Love u Bub!  Ill always be "The Kid".
God Blesses!


Yesterday, Ele and I scavenged for something to go on the rack of the dune buggy, to hold items to and from Momma and Daddys.  Ele is so like me in that respect.  Its the challenge of "scifering it out"as Daddy says, is what we love.  Robert comes out to the barn for a moment and sees what we are doin (as i attempt to make a formerly footed large flower pot work).  He shakes his head as I tell him to go on, and he comments, "You are so redneck!" this point he is failing at trying not to laugh.  My retort I hollar (as Ele tries to pretend she hears nothing we r sayin), "Hey, you wouldnt have half the stuff you got if I wasnt a redneck".  I cringed as I thought how lame it sounded when I heard Ele giggle.  My chest swelled with redneck pride.  Oh!  and the winning item....a wire basket from a 70's deep freeze and some classy black bungee cords worked perfect!
God Blesses!

Oh yeah

To the concerned little old man in the minivan....sorry your mornin yesterday started out in the twlight zone called btown.  Im sure u were wondering why that mother in the big white terrycloth bath robe, was running down the road with the little dark haired child in the hot pink chetta print fuzzy robe, carrying a dog leash......and laughing.  Just know they caught the culprit....and the mother counted that as her morning exercise.
God Blesses!


Sorry folks!  Been workin double time.  No excuse for droppin off, but self preservation is sometimes ok...a littlt bit.   Please pray for all of those with unspoken requests.  So much hurting around us right now.  We have to keep the focus on God and his Glory. 
A great many people fall down, get back up, and then stumble along because of the fear or damage of the fall.  Remember that you do not need to focus on the scars you carry, but on the road ahead....also, smile.  Even though the trip may have hurt deeply, it was a journey that gets you to a better place.  God Blesses!