Yesterday, Ele and I scavenged for something to go on the rack of the dune buggy, to hold items to and from Momma and Daddys.  Ele is so like me in that respect.  Its the challenge of "scifering it out"as Daddy says, is what we love.  Robert comes out to the barn for a moment and sees what we are doin (as i attempt to make a formerly footed large flower pot work).  He shakes his head as I tell him to go on, and he comments, "You are so redneck!" this point he is failing at trying not to laugh.  My retort I hollar (as Ele tries to pretend she hears nothing we r sayin), "Hey, you wouldnt have half the stuff you got if I wasnt a redneck".  I cringed as I thought how lame it sounded when I heard Ele giggle.  My chest swelled with redneck pride.  Oh!  and the winning item....a wire basket from a 70's deep freeze and some classy black bungee cords worked perfect!
God Blesses!


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