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Many prayers needed...MommaEle - she has her first speech at school tomorrow (In 2nd grade!) on "Sidewinders" and "Jerboas" - she practiced and even got out of bed thinking about it, not really worrying just wanting to "make sure" she had it. She was fine after that!A guy I used to and Robert does work with who has cancerEle's best-friend- she's been sick for over a weekNorth Sumner's Fall Festival SaturdayAll our family and friends!!! We love yall!Have a great weekend and God Bless!


Eme has her "Pledge of Allegiance" test tomorrow. So I was reviewing with her and was so proud...till the end. When she got to "Liberty and justice for all"....well lets just say lawyers need to start flipping burgers. She said, "Cheeseburgers for all"! April heard her too and we said we were proud of her! While dying laughing! We did teach her the right way, but it was too cute.

God Bless!

deep water

Robert is in deep water! He has gave me a stomach bug. We are all doing well emotionally with Momma's illness. It is a lot better since we know what we're fighting now. I really don't know anything right now. I want to thank yall for all the prayers. We all know the miracle of prayer!

God Bless!

the other side looking in

Do you ever feel like you're going thruDeja vu, but your on the other side of where you were the first time? Then you think hey I really need to pay attention, cause God has let me already experience this once and prepared me, so this must be really important. Yeah, folks it's been one of those days. A day when you go the gamut of emotions, only to be dropped in familiar territory. Territory that for some reason is comfortable because it's familiar, but scary because you thought you'd NEVER have to experience it again. God just WOULD NOT let that happen. My Momma has not been feeling well, but the Dr had thought it was complications from her knee surgery in May. Today we got the call that we were not to be too worried that it wasn't as serious as it seems, but she has a brain tumor. It is located on her Thalamus. It is supposed to be taken care of fairly easily, but we won't know for sure until we go to see the Dr on next Tuesday. Please put her on your prayer …


I hope yall have a great beginning to a new week. Remember you can always start over, you just have to be willing to swallow some pride, face some fears, work hard, pray, pray, pray, and let God move all your mountains. You know I'm not a flake (well for the most part) and that what I'm telling you is true. Smile!

God Bless!


Slow weekend planned. I can't wait! I plan on enjoying it and spending time with my family. Spend time with your loved ones. You spend a lot of time with everybody else...spend it where it matters. Remember that every minute of every day matters.

God Bless!


When I got home to pick up the girls they were all three at the old barn with Daddy. I could hear them up in the loft and when I got in there they were coming down. They were so excited and Daddy was grinning from ear to ear. They showed me that they had put out feed and threw down hay. Then Ele says, "Momma, come on I lets show you where they put the earrings in the cows ears!" It made me feel so good that they got to learn it with Daddy. He and Grindad showed me, and let me swing all around that barn. I can picture them sliding down the corn in the bin just like I did! Keep your earrings clean!

God Bless!


Yesterday I came home and the girls played outside. We had a great time, and it was nice just to spend time watching them. The weather is beautiful outside. Isn't it amazing the Glory of God? What amazes me more is that there are people who can deny that God is in control. Just look outside! Then look on the inside of your own life.

God Bless!


Listen up....You know how you hear that your money can work for you....well you time can too. Do simple things to make your life, and everyone else's easier. Keep a laundry sorter in the utility closet, for ALL the dirty clothes and towels in the house - that way you don't spend time walking all over the house to collect clothes, or looking to see if you have enough darks to wash that one pair of jeans someone needs. Or what about vacuuming. Spend a little money on an I-Robot. Let it vacuum for you at night or each day when you aren't home...dual prupose by the way...the kids will keep their toys up so it doesn't get eaten. Do a little re-organizing (keep all the batteries, bulbs, cleaning, tools, extension cords) in one place and you won't be spending a lot of time looking! Another thing...put your Bible by the bed. Read it for a few minutes (or get a dalily religious devotional) then read it for your "winding down" time. You can go to God befo…


Ele had her party this weekend and we are all tired. She had a ball. She had more little friends from school this time. I guess that is starting. Friday night was a Relay fundraiser, with Ele's party Sat, then one of her friends who came to the party had a party yesterday afternoon. Busy weekend, but great to be with friends.

God Bless!


A girl I work with's daughter was in the Mexican resturant eating when she felt something lick and nibble her foot. She looked under the table and saw...yep you guessed it....a mouse. She screams, kicks the mouse and looks and the mouse can't run...she's broke it's leg. So the waiters got the mouse, and she got her meal for free, but she couldn't eat it! haha! Moral of the story. Wear shoes in that resturaunt, cause the food may be raw. haha! Couldn't resist! Have a great weekend!

God Bless!


Well, 7 years ago I gave birth to the first time. Now my baby keeps us in line. She had her 2nd tooth pulled yesterday, and she was so brave. Eme is fixing her own lunch as we speak, and Ele and Lex are arguing about putting up the birthday stuff. I feel so blessed. I really do, not being smart. Now April is getting on Eme, and Ele is yelling at Lex, who is in the process of torture and teasing, Robert is breaking them up, and Ele hit him, so she is getting a lecture on what the definition of a cheap shot is....I have explained to him, just because she gets a shot in, it is not cheap....never dull. Don't let your life be dull either!

God Bless!

steps and course

I heard something today and then thought more. I heard a speaker say that we plan and plan, what mother can't in order to keep house...that we can plan all day, but we have to realize that we are not in control. We've talked about this God is the only one in control. Well, they wen't further and said that it's ok to plan our course of action, but the steps, the actual steps or actions themselves is for God to determine. I liked it. I got to thinking further about how people say to me, "Well, I shouldn't be complaining to a cancer survivor" I always reassure them that what each and everyone faces is important to each of us, and the environment we are in makes it the most important thing at that time, and that is ok....well I thought more about that. We cannot quantify our pain, that each of us feels, wether it be mental or physical, seen or unseen. What we can quantify as individuals is our suffering. Some suffer in a relationship, p…

land mines

Land mines....that's what we've always called them....the cat poop piles in the gravel. Robert almost put his knee in one when he proposed, and today another milestone. Eme, Lex, and Robert were at the porch, and Ele was helping me unload the car, when I yelled at White Cloud to stop it.....needless to say she was pooping in the gravel. Ele turns and sees her, then yells at the top of her lungs, with her arms spread wide, "Listen up everybody! There is a fresh pile of poop! Watch out! White Cloud did it! There is a fresh pile!" The whole neighborhood now thinks (after my chasing Taco around everwhere, yelling for him) that we have some serious Mexican food eating bowel problems, and that's the reason we value our toilet paper so highly!

Yall have a great day....God Bless!


I got this emailed to me and it reflects a lot of my outlook on life.....

The way I see it is, the smallest tasks can be the greatest gifts. We can decide that everyday is valuable and treat it so. Routine jobs can be thought of events, things like grocery shopping or driving to work can be looked at in a positive way. We can sing in the shower, we can have a blast making dinner, its all in our perspective and how we choose to live.
We were all born and will all die, the question is what will happen in between. Will you simply walk or will you skip and dance? Will you only talk or can you listen and sing? Will you survive or will you live?

God Bless!

the snake

OK...there's a million ways to tell this story, but simply...the ground could have opened up and swallowed me whole. The day of our company picnic we had to drop off stuff at work, and my boss was there. After over a year (can you believe it?) the girls decided to go from 0 to 60 on my boss. She has tried to bribe them with gum, etc, but they have NEVER said ONE word to her before. They decided to both talk non-stop which she was enjoying a lot. After a couple of trips to the car, with me cheking on them each time, I came in and found Ele on one side of her desk, and Eme behind it with her. Eme had been showing her the rubber snake she got at the Zoo, which is over 3ft long. My boss was talking to Ele when I had just walked up to the door and saw my daughter take the snakes tail and SMACK my boss upsode the face, grinning all the way. My mouth flew make a long story short, my boss thought it was funny, Ele and I both chewed Eme out, and the whole department has …


Ever wonder what the world would be like if we did not have cars. Walking everywhere, no fumes, no fast-food, no malls, back to small shops dappled everywhere, personal business owners, and home-grown items, not pre made. Isn't it funny that on little invention "steered" the world into a new way of life. To take that one item out of the mix of time would cause the world to regress and turn back into "the old days". Now do you wonder what one little thing you might do today that would impact hundreds or more people. Choose your words and actions carefully, but have fun, by being happy and "choosing" to live life you might just have that "great" impact.

God Bless!


Eme's last "first day of pee-school" was great. She had a ball today and was glad to see her friends. I was reminded today that we all have a lot to be thankful for in our lives, not by my own struggles, but by others. It's easy to forget that you can look at someone, but have no clue what is really going on in their lives. I hope yall have a great day. Remember that you are never alone, and that when you think you've got things figured out....God will let you know he is in control.

God Bless!


We had a great weekend. I had a great birthday weekend. I have to tell yall that I am very proud of Ele. She is a tight-wad. We have had to take her money away (to put in her savings)from her two times because she has been carrying around almost $50 in her wallet. Well, yesterday morning she handed me an envelope that she had wrote "To:Mama From:Ele" on it, and told me Happy Birthday. Inside was a $10 bill. I almost cried. Well, tonight I sat her down, and told her I was so proud of her because she had gave me her money, but that I couldn't take it, that the thought of her giving it to me was enough. She smiled and said your welcome, then went trotting off waving her money. I then heard her say, "Yeah, I got my money!" April asked her where she got it...and she replied "It's my $10 bill from the tooth fairy." At first I said, "Oh well...what goes around, comes around !", but then I started crying, because I realized that my b…