Listen up....You know how you hear that your money can work for you....well you time can too. Do simple things to make your life, and everyone else's easier. Keep a laundry sorter in the utility closet, for ALL the dirty clothes and towels in the house - that way you don't spend time walking all over the house to collect clothes, or looking to see if you have enough darks to wash that one pair of jeans someone needs. Or what about vacuuming. Spend a little money on an I-Robot. Let it vacuum for you at night or each day when you aren't home...dual prupose by the way...the kids will keep their toys up so it doesn't get eaten. Do a little re-organizing (keep all the batteries, bulbs, cleaning, tools, extension cords) in one place and you won't be spending a lot of time looking! Another thing...put your Bible by the bed. Read it for a few minutes (or get a dalily religious devotional) then read it for your "winding down" time. You can go to God before you go to sleep!

God Bless!


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