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Smart phone

I had to go out and feed the animals, when I came in I asked the girls if someone called…Ele says, "Called who" I said the phone, to which she replied no. The about 2 min later the phone rings, and Ele says, "Somebody is now"….smarty kid.
God Bless and Have a Happy and safe Halloween!


So the girls always argue over who is going to open the gates on the drive. Tonight Eme wouldn't do it and Ele is sick, so I said that the next time Eme asked I was going to say no. So her reply was. "Fine" Now as she got out of the car Ele says (in this old deep southern lawyer voice), "Why then do you have your children go out in the dark?" I immediately reply, "To do my manual labor." Then I think Oh crap! Eme is gonna go to school and say, "My momma sends me out in the dark to do her manual labor!" Yeah Redneck Mother and Child Laborer of the year award goes to…..Have a great one yall!
God Bless!


Ele went to the Dr today, and he confirmed that it's something viral….funny word, confirm….we confirm a lot, reservations, ideas, gossip, appt's, etc….but do we confirm our love for Jesus to others? Do we "prove that it is true" not by words, but by actions? Let us make our confirmations today.
God Bless!


Please pray for all of us to get better….we've got some kind of viral thing again. The day after I gave training on not forwarding emails at work I received an email fwd to me. I'm glad I did. We always wish away today, when it's all the yesterday's that got us here today. God Bless! Here's a part of the email…
God doesn't give you the people you want; He gives you the people you NEED... to help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you and to make you into the person you were meant to be.


Just tired. Please pray for those who are sick, in the hospital, going thru therapy, missing loved ones, and those left behind. We all know of someone, and we all feel the pain. We need to remember though that we bear no burdens alone for God is with us!
Now the funny for tonight. Eme and Robert were on the loveseat, and Ele was over on the couch. Eme was reading to Robert and Ele drew his attention, and started to talk to him. All of a sudden, Eme is talking with her hands, VERY animated and says, "Listen. Do you wanna listen to her chit-chat, or do you wanna listen to me read?!" He said Eme was MAD! Haha! She is SOOOOO like her Daddy! Robert just said, "I don't think so!"
God Bless!

Redneck wishes

First let me say a big thank you to yall for the prayers for Momma, she is doing great! Happy Birthday to Dalton today, and Happy Anniversary to David and Holly on Monday! Now, your laugh…with a title like that what did you expect when you knew if redneck was in the title it was going to be something right?
Well first let me say that Eme woke up this morning with a sore throat and has been exceptionally whiny today….and of course we HAD to go to the place that Ele says I hate…Wal-Mart. Second, I know we have talked about how you don't know what goes on in someone's lives, and I can officially say I am THAT MOTHER in Wal-Mart now….I will never look at them down my nose and judge them anymore. Well, Robert was working out and the girls had been arguing about who was going to push the buggy, ride, etc, the entire time.
We get to the cheese section, which is out in front of EVERYBODY…you know where you can see down the whole side of the store. Well they are arguing, Eme is …


Robert's shot went great yesterday, Momma walked down the hall and back, and I get to go to work today. Last night I said I had to and Uncle Jerry said, "No, you get to!" In today's time we know that to be true and I am grateful. God does not abandon us, nor does he not hear our cries in times of need, or even on just a rainy day….
Psalm 9:8-10, "He will judge the world with justice and rule the nations with fairness. The LORD is a shelter for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. Those who know your name trust in you, for you, O LORD, do not abandon those who search for you." (NLT)
God Bless!


Momma is doing great! Prayers were answered again! The doc said her replacement couldn't have gone any better. Pray now since all of her physical movement ailments have been fixed that she is mentally up to the challenge and has the strength to return to an upbeat state of mind. We all know that a POSITIVE attitude means the world. Faith is the biggest support for that! Also, please say a prayer for Robert today as he takes his first shot of a new med!
God Bless!

Pray and more

Momma has her other knee replaced today so please pray!!! Ele won her game this weekend and she helped make a goal so we were so proud! I think soccer is really her thing….although she tries so hard at whatever she does. On a funny note Lex and Eme were at Momma and Daddy's and Lex was eating some new cereal. Lex looks at Eme and says, this cereal talks. Eme says no it doesn't, Lex says yes it does…..then Eme leans over to the bowl and says, "HELLLLOOOOO?" Sits up, looks at Lex and says, "See I told you it didn't talk!" Daddy said that Lex just looked at her! Mana says that was Grindad made over….and I HAVE to agree! Have a great day and please remember to pray….for everything!
God Bless!


Eme did it! She lost her first tooth! We are so proud and she woke up this morning with fairy dust all in her hair from the tooth fairy! Have a great day yall!
God Bless!


Who's ever used a map, whether it be a paper one or one online such as maquest? If it's paper, we turn it and turn it around until we think we have it pointing in the right direction to reference properly. You need to get somewhere, and you look at a map for guidance….or what if you need more help, help in person, so you use the words, "Excuse me, but I need help. Do you know how to get to……".
Have we ever thought of being a Christian like that? We need to get somewhere…Heaven….we want salvation. We need that help so we reference our map the Bible, flip pages, we turn it round and round, until we think we are pointing it in the right direction. Now the more help part…..we go to Church…..craving to ask, "Excuse me, but I need help.". There we are amongst others who are lost….lost sheep. Don't you think Jesus is referenced in the Bible as a shepherd for a reason? Then in final desperation we hit our knees, and pray. As the song goes….I am lost,…


Boy it's been windy this weekend…the amazing power of God's might! Ok….Rebel has a serious fetish. She is not hooked on catnip….never did anything for her….her fetish…..celery. Yep she goes crazy over the stuff. So yesterday I had to get some in WM and Ele hollers out…."Momma! Rebel's gonna love this SALLIE-RAY!" I tried to tell her different (which she usually says ok…we work through on how to pronounce the word correctly, and goes on), but NOT this time. The child DEMANDED that it was said not as celery, but as SALLIE-RAY! Have a great day yall!
God Bless!


Not a whole lot planned this weekend….just getting stuff done. Hope each of you have a great one. Remember to hug those you love and hit your knees. We never know when our time will come, or when our prayers will be answered.
God Bless!


Well, as some of you may have realized by now, Eme has a spirit that reminds of us Grindad. Now in saying that most people said that Grindad had a strong connection with God, and of course by my other blogs Eme has shown that her ability to pray and the things she says can sometimes seem as though they are spirit filled. Now I say sometimes, because she is an honest soul that will speak whatever appears in her mind, speaking clearly and simple.
So as in last week's blog she all of a sudden prayed for people to not lose their jobs….which freaked us! Well, on Monday it was announced that Daddy's plant, Peterbilt, where he has been on the payroll for over 35 years is closing its doors permanently as of Dec 1. Now Daddy explained this to the girls on Tuesday, and of course I am leading up to something right? Well yesterday my Uncle Danny and Aunt Wanda came to visit and Daddy lost track of time to pick up the girls….needless to say he was 5 min late picking them up. When Da…