Pray and more

Momma has her other knee replaced today so please pray!!! Ele won her game this weekend and she helped make a goal so we were so proud! I think soccer is really her thing….although she tries so hard at whatever she does. On a funny note Lex and Eme were at Momma and Daddy's and Lex was eating some new cereal. Lex looks at Eme and says, this cereal talks. Eme says no it doesn't, Lex says yes it does…..then Eme leans over to the bowl and says, "HELLLLOOOOO?" Sits up, looks at Lex and says, "See I told you it didn't talk!" Daddy said that Lex just looked at her! Mana says that was Grindad made over….and I HAVE to agree! Have a great day and please remember to pray….for everything!

God Bless!


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