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I learned to be an advocate the hard way….for myself and those I love.We raise our kids so that they might be prepared for all their future experiences…give them the tools and knowledge to live a great life….and sometimes we teach them when we don’t even realize it.Eme is our outgoing one, although she can be bashful.So I was surprised yesterday when at the girls 2nd soccer game, Eme was playing on the side lines with two other friends, and someone smoking some distance away. My child comes up to me and says: Eme- Momma are you ok? Me- I’ll be ok baby. Eme makes a sad smile and walked away.A few minutes later… Eme- Momma, can you still smell the smoke? Me- (after just having to use my inhaler) Not anymore. Eme- (Smiling an “I KNOW” smile) Good Momma, I’m glad. Me- (had that uh-oh my kid has done something feeling) What happened? Eme- I asked her to stop. Me- You what?!? Eme- I asked her to stop.I went up to her and said, “Mam, could you please stop smoking?”She said, “Me?You want me to stop smo…


Am I always positive, no….but I make a conscious effort to be…am I always successful…no. Life is not all smiles and happiness, but when life knocks us down and negativity invades, waller in it for a little while, then get back up, suck it up, learn from it, and move. Life is short.You have to live every day, enjoy it, embrace it.I started the blog so everyone could keep up with us.I continue it for two reasons….a journal for the girls, and to inspire people to LIVE AND LAUGH.I get terrified when I think of others making the same mistake I did in not LIVING life.We flew through it thinking that the more we packed in was what we were “supposed” to do.Not having our priorities right with God, spouse and children first, before work.Thinking that I had to be the best Mother, Wife, Employee….that by doing more I could accomplish what all “working” mothers do….that I could be ALL and do ALL for everyone.I was taught that I don’t have to be ALL…that quantity is not better than quality….that i…

A Becky

A Becky is having a hip replacement tomorrow, so please be prayin for her and the Surgical Staff.  She is determined and has faith...two very potent traits!

God Blesses!


Definitions: I’ve said that I consider the definition of a survivor is when you are diagnosed.I believe that to be true, but a survivor is more…because of those who hold them up. A survivor is a bunch of cells…a support system is just that a bunch of cells (people) supporting you as a system, directed by the hand of God. I was so afraid to lean on people for fear that if I started leaning I would have to be carried, I would stumble, I would fall.I would no longer be strong, but weak…no longer tough.I was scared.Scared to stop, not to die.Scared to stop moving, to stop fighting, to give up, to fail, to not be here for my girls, my friends, my family…to make them worry.Being weak physically, and yes, mentally, sometimes spiritually.You doubt your strength, not God’s.When I knew I was close to my end, that the chemo wasn’t working anymore…the doubt entered.It was then, over 3 months into treatment…I doubted making it.Feared my strength to carry out God’s plan, no matter what it was. I sat …


Yes…me!Yesterday morning I experienced a first.Ele was too embarrassed to give me a kiss when I dropped her off at school for the first time (Robert is out of town).So this morning….I came prepared.I asked again when I dropped her off and she started not too, then she did.Bless her heart.I paused (only for a sec), then leaped out of the car throwing on my surprise, and ran around the car, …..she turned around and looked at me, as I hollered….”It can always be worse than giving Momma a kiss!”I was standing there in my hung terry cloth white bath robe, fuzzy chemo hat which looks like blond hair sticking out everywhere, and Eme’s huge mug.She looked at me, smirked the Robert smirk, and went in the building.I want the girls to laugh and live…at least I’m trying to lead by example! Haha…..God Bless their children and society! Haha!...oh btw….Eme ate cereal out of a mixing bowl this morning cause we have dirty dishes again!I’m on a roll!.....and to all who are our true “mothers” out there …


Loved this one from a cuz (thanks Tonya!)...yall are my sisters and brothers, but most of all my un-yielding support, caring hugs, and never ending love....even when I'm just being me! Love yall and from the deepest part of my soul thank yall!...  COUSINS are the first friends most people ever have as children. No one will ever understand your crazy family like your cousins. Even if you haven't talked much lately.... RE-POST if you have some of the BEST cousins in the world. I know I do!!


Sorry folks...sinus infection had me funky for the past week, and meds and have kicked in.  Somehow the dishes haven't stopped.  You know you gotta laugh when your half asleep child with hair in her eyes silently shuffles into the kitchen this morning and stands before the open dishwasher to say, "Are those CLEAN dishes?"  I say yes, and the reply I get is, "Coooooooollllll..." as she shuffles away.  Thank God for blessing us all!


Ele and Lex had a great day.  They were so excited talkin over each other about school, classes, friends, and soccer practice.  They act like sisters so much.  Ive caught glimpses before of Lex watching over Ele, but last night it was obvious.
Out of the blue Ele says, "I almost got trampled today!"  I busted out laughin!  Lex standing on tip toe like she was lookin over people, and pointin a long way off said, "I know you should have saw her walkin down the hall all you could see was her backpack and the top of her head.  She looked so little!"  Lex was laughin so hard and Ele was grinnin.  I looked at Ele and asked if she was scared.  Very sincerly and smilin Ele responded with, "Naw."  I knew Lex was watching out for Ele and I think Ele did big sisters should.  Weve always said the world should watch out for Miss Emerson, but now I really think so cause her sisters will be watchin! Haha
God Blesses!


Are you ready to go back to school?  We hear it said to kids and teachers, this time of year.  Those who say it to teachers need an umbrella to defend themselves against the reaction of the teachers...much like that of a wild kitten, claws out, hissing and spitting.  This year is different for us...for this year we have a new chapter beginning. Buzzing the air is the anxious anticipation of “Middle School”.Yep Lex and Ele will begin middle school.Lex, well she has become very independent, the advocate for the underdog, the one who can’t stand injustice, and feels emotions around her as a sponge soaking up water.Lex will be hold her own.Ele, well my chest tightens and I begin to think back to her growing up.I see her chubby cheeks pressed against the back door wanting to come in cause she was Sweeattttyyyyy! I see her face showing concern as we sat on the front porch swing talking about Momma’s boo-boo you couldn’t see, and her only question…wanting to make sure I could pick up her litt…