Yes…me!  Yesterday morning I experienced a first.  Ele was too embarrassed to give me a kiss when I dropped her off at school for the first time (Robert is out of town).  So this morning….I came prepared.  I asked again when I dropped her off and she started not too, then she did.  Bless her heart. I paused (only for a sec), then leaped out of the car throwing on my surprise, and ran around the car, …..she turned around and looked at me, as I hollered….”It can always be worse than giving Momma a kiss!”  I was standing there in my hung terry cloth white bath robe, fuzzy chemo hat which looks like blond hair sticking out everywhere, and Eme’s huge mug.  She looked at me, smirked the Robert smirk, and went in the building.  I want the girls to laugh and live…at least I’m trying to lead by example! Haha…..God Bless their children and society! Haha!...oh btw….Eme ate cereal out of a mixing bowl this morning cause we have dirty dishes again!  I’m on a roll!.....and to all who are our true “mothers” out there (one was dying laughing in her truck this morning)…this blog’s for you!


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