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I loved this!

This life is the only one you're given.
Look for the opportunities to grow, and never be discouraged in your efforts to do so.
Don't measure the future by the past;
let yesterday be a memory and tomorrow be a promise...
Begin each day by focusing on all that is good, and you'll be able to handle whatever comes along.
Take responsibility for your actions;
never make excuses for not being the best you can be.
If you should slip,
be comforted by the thought that we all do at times.
Determine your tomorrow by the choices you make today,
and you'll live a life of joy and triumph.
-Linda E. Knight

The only thing I can add is trust in God because, through him all things are possible. Hope yall have a great weekend!
God Bless!


Anybody ever watch Higglytown Heros? It's a cartoon about regular people in a town that are made to seem like hero's because each and everyone of them can be a hero by helping these kids. Isn't it amazing that when we simplify things we can really see them clearly? God tells us that we are supposed to help others. When we help others it pleases him, then this show very simply says that when we help someone, you help everyone, especially God. I got help yesterday....for the first time in my life I ran out of gas...yep...right by work. Needless to say...I won't live that one down for a LONG time!

God Bless!


Are you ever grumpy in the morning? Do you wonder why? Some people get it "natural". It runs in their family, they can't help it, and my all time favorite "That's the way they are." Yeah...I'm one of them, my Dad is, and so is Ele. Leave us alone, and in a little bit we're socialable. Is there anything you just want to say...ok that's the way I am...accept it. Just remember if we do that....we have to do it for EVERYONE else too.

God Bless!


Lex had her birthday party this weekend and we had a ball...not to mention Thanksgiving. Hope all of you had a great one too! Your week will be're smiling right?

God Bless!


Turkey, Ham, Dressing, Mashed Potatoes, Dressed eggs, Sweet Potatoes, Cranberry salad, and Pumpkin Pie, add family and that about does it for Thanksgiving right? No. It is about being Thankful on Thanksgiving. God gave us many things to be thankful for! I can think of tons, so many that if I started listing blogger might shut down! haha! Naw, but we ALL have a lot to be thankful for. Of course, family, friends, and God, but we must remember the basics for us, a roof over our heads, our health, and freedom. God has graced us SOO much. Be sure to tell him you are thankful for all! Have a great one! Blog again on Monday!

God Bless!


Thanks for the prayers. Ele had a better day yesterday, although she still thought about him a lot she wasn't as emotional. I forgot the cutest part. Sunday night when we were eating supper, I went in the living room. Laying on the couch was Ele's stuffed dog that she even crawled with as a baby, it was on laying back on a pillow with a ponytail holder tied around it's paws praying, and a blanket over it. On "Floppy's" chest was a note that read, "Crying Floppy". I almost started crying!

God Bless!


Many of you have heard the story of how we got a kitten named Taco. He was a very loving chocolate long-haired kitten. Yesterday Taco died in his sleep. We believe he had been hit because he had not been feeling well. Please pray for Ele, as she is not handeling his death well. She has asked me some hard questions. I almost wish she would have asked me about the birds and the bees instead. Since she is our deep thinker she is analyzing the crap out of it. I hope yall have a great day, and makes everybody feel better.

God Bless!


Did you realize it is only 39 more days until Christmas? Wow! It's really snuck up on me this year. Do you think that you are ready? Do you have everything done? Have you made your list so that no one is left out? Have you done the same with your salvation? Have you prepared for heaven? Makes you think huh? Have you made sure that no one is left out? Have a great weekend!

God Bless!


"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, with all your strength." That quote was a verse from one of the songs I love that inspires me and gives me some pep in my step. I hope that it helps each of you today as you go about your day. Please remember to keep God as your focus and you will find your own peace in life. Also, please continue to remember the family I asked prayer for yesterday, as she got to go home to see God, and they are here with her in their hearts.

God Bless!


A dear old family friend is going through hospice. Please pray for her and her family. I know her and she is at peace with God. Her faith was always something special for me. Even as a teen after Robert and I were engaged, she touched me by telling me that our memories are important and God gave them to us, that we should let no one tell us that they did not happen. Her family has always been a supportive group to everyone, and right now they need our support. Please pray that peace comes to each of them, along with the feel of God's and our arms holding them.

God Bless!


Recently I was asked by someone how they could let go of their anger and not be bitter. I said they had to pray about it and find their own peace. To let go of the anger you have to work it out with God. I also said that you may have it until one day you are standing in a store shopping and you hear one thing, or even smell one thing, and BOOM, it hits you and you feel it wash away with all the little puzzle pieces of your anger fall in place, and wash away. Each and every one of us feel this anger that can consume us if we let it, but it will not last forever. God will lead us out of it. We just have to ask and the peace will be ours. When it is...WHOOOHOOO! Glory be to God. We are free.

God Bless!


Have a great day. You never know how great your day will turn out to be. Don't think you have any say in it. You have so much say that it is scary that God gives us choices. It is our decision to be happy today. Honor God and choose what makes Him will be happy too when you show him the glory.

God Bless!


Eme and Daddy were going back and forth picking on each other in the truck. Daddy tells Eme, "You're rotten" Eme says, "No you are." Daddy asks, "We'll who do you think made me rotten?" of course thinking that Eme would be stumped, but instead she says, "God did." Daddy gets tickled and tells her no....but that didn't stop her. She then pipes up matter of factly, "Well Jesus then!" Let them make you rotten too! Have a great weekend!

God Bless!


In life we tend to either glory in the term "self preservation", using it for many excuses to do what we want, or we go the other extreme and ignore the saying because pride gets in the way. The more I've come to know the term "self preservation" the more I do resent it, but with no pride involved. I thought I knew it, used it, and come to embrace it, while in a previous life I was the "ignoring" extreme. Now I know that I don't like the term because I think it is used more, and therefore better describes the lazy human variety better than the hard working individuals, who need to learn to protect themselves. Sometimes God keeps telling us that people are not going to change, and therefore situations are not going to change, but we refuse to listen. God wants us, his children to love ourselves, but some of us are stubborn, and think that we can "concur all". I think a better term for those of us with this complex is "self dete…


We were a clown family. That's right the 6 of us poured out of the car at each stop dressed as a clown family. We were cute, but I think we'll go back to just letting the girls dress up. It was too much trouble for us to do it each year. Do you have something in your life that is "too much trouble". Fix it, solve it, stop it.....if there's a will there's a way. Make it happen, put your big floppy clown foot down and say no.

God Bless!

play with

Saturday the girls were bundled up playing outside. I was coming in and out of the house, Momma was sitting on the back porch, and Robert and Daddy were covering the pool. As usual Eme was wagging around the cats. Ele was just standing there at this point, and she hollars out, "Momma I need someone to play with!" I wasn't thinking and just shot from the hip with my mouth, replying "Play with your sister that's what I had her for!" Robert said it was " RrrEeeDdd-Neck!". When Uncle Jerry called he asked what I had Ele for and I said, "To take care of me when I'm old." Kids....they keep us hoppin!

God Bless!


Begginnings make us feel good, fresh, and they give us hope.

What if today was the beginning for you? The beginning of the week, instead of the last. The beginning of a day, instead of the last. The beginning of a diet, instead of the last. The beginning of a hair style, instead of the last. The beginning of a car, instead of the last. The beginning of a job, instead of the last. The beginning of innoncence, instead of the last. The beginning of self esteem, instead of the last. The beginning of a friendship, instead of the last. The beginning of your life, instead of the last. IT IS! God gives us the ability to have a new beginning...that is what the (over-used) term "born again" means. Start again today...this! Show your glory to God in all you do. Have a great weekend!

God Bless!


You have to be positive. You have no choice. If you are not you will suffer as will those around you. Selfish values may try and keep you from it, but you will not allow them to. You are positive.

God Bless!