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One of my favs

Jeremiah 29:11 ()

11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.


Lovin me some Pampers Silent Night commercial.  Its memories of all my girls.....they looked and made faces JUST like that!



A few days ago I had a rant.  A rant to someone who will never read it (poor it was not him...haha), it was a representation of all who have gotten so down on themselves and have finally had enough...a mantra, a chant, a battle cry.  
I have realized something.  As parents, as mothers (wether by birth or not, but always by the grace of God) we try to do it all.  I know we struggle, and chastize ourselves when our priorities slip.  Its not a state of mind, it is a way of life.  Our priorities can be a source of such guilt, when we lose them, when our focus should be on their joy.  
I had misplaced my joy....blaming myself for letting my priorities slip....then I heard Joyce Meyers say that the focus of our priorities requires a daily if it doesn't come easy have not failed.
Priorities are so important today of all days.  Its not about a pretty turkey, fluffy taters, and shiny hams.  Its about family and friends.  I am truly blessed!

God Blessed!


Ele- Boy that thunder was scary last night.
Robert- Thunder shouldnt scare you.  Lightening is what can hurt you.  
Ele- Yes, but thunder emotionally hurts me.

Poor Robert aint got a chance.



Been off the grid with multiple virus'.  We're on the up and up.  Praising God.  Been keepin up, and commenting once in a while.  
Tell me one thing though....why do some people pick fights?   No, don't.  I am who I am.  I dont need to ask, for if you're pickin a fight and you're doing it at my expense....well stand back.  I am ready to make my stand.   By being quiet and trying to make myself invisible, I invite you to pick on me.  I am not starting a fight, but I will no longer lay in a fetal position while you kick.
Just because I am tryin to be a better person, and you're tryin to take advantage of that does not mean I forget nor that you really know where you stand.  
Remember....God is with you...and me.  Now, do you feel so good about the person you've been?  I do.  I TRY and do the right thing, and thank you Jesus, I wont have to answer for you at the pearly gates.
Has someone made me mad?  Kinda.  Upset?  Sometimes.  Tired? A lot.  Will I allow you to …


So Ele was in the shower and Ele got a text from April.  Eme was tryin to reply for Ele.  All of a sudden you hear Ele say, "Eme! How do u not know how to spell LOL?!"



So Eme has her wants and needs pictures cut from magazines and glued on in her folder from school.  Needs: food, clothes.  Wants: rims, Escalade, Olay Regenerist, Christmas decos....OH and dont forget the Beer Tap! .....Roberts child is Priceless!

God Blesses!


Happy Birthday to one of the best Uncles in the world.   We love you so very much!God Bless!