Been off the grid with multiple virus'.  We're on the up and up.  Praising God.  Been keepin up, and commenting once in a while.  
Tell me one thing though....why do some people pick fights?   No, don't.  I am who I am.  I dont need to ask, for if you're pickin a fight and you're doing it at my expense....well stand back.  I am ready to make my stand.   By being quiet and trying to make myself invisible, I invite you to pick on me.  I am not starting a fight, but I will no longer lay in a fetal position while you kick.
Just because I am tryin to be a better person, and you're tryin to take advantage of that does not mean I forget nor that you really know where you stand.  
Remember....God is with you...and me.  Now, do you feel so good about the person you've been?  I do.  I TRY and do the right thing, and thank you Jesus, I wont have to answer for you at the pearly gates.
Has someone made me mad?  Kinda.  Upset?  Sometimes.  Tired? A lot.  Will I allow you to have that control over my reaction to your attempts to put me down in order to make you feel better?   How sad, and not anymore.  Am I gonna, from this moment forward say no more, I make my stand, respectfully?  With one hand on my Bible, and my head held high?  Yes.  What do I want?  Peace.  



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