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God has taught us that we are to treat others as we would want to be treated.  Respect plays in there as well.  We respect those we know...those that earn our respect.  That is the American way right?  What about other culture's?  They respect on stature, on their place in culture, or their designated place in ones life.  American's do on a certain level as in respect for authority, but we do not see it as a given.  It is a right we have.  We may ask ourselves if this is what God want's of us, but the fact is....we are supposed to treat them as we want to be treated.  No matter what they look like, no matter what their culture, no matter who they are.

God Blesses!

no fear

Ele and Lex have a new boy in their class.  He has had a brain injury, Ele told me, and said it happened because he had almost drown when he was 3 or 4.  Ele and I have spent quite some time discussing how she needs to befriend him because he is new and even though he may not be able to voice his anxiousness he still needs friends.  Ele is naturally bashful so it is hard for her, but we have been talking about what Jesus would want her to do and to do the right thing.
I keep thinking of his parents.  Ele told me they are divorced. We think of our busy lives rushing here and there but then something new lands on our plate and we adapt.  God gives us the ability to bear the extra burden and keep keeping on.  I cannot imagine something happening to those I love and tear up thinking about it.
So for fear.  I go get my stitches out, find out when the pin comes out of my finger, when my nail(s) fall off, and if they will grow back.  I shrug and say well....if they don't grow b…


Today is "See you at the pole day"...when students go to their flag pole to pray for whatever they wish, but to pray.  Prayer is so important for us.  Nothing fancy, just a sentence, request, thanksgiving, or for some a desperate cry for help and hope.  I pray today for each of you....for the children and adults alike...for God's Amazing Grace.  Peace be with each of you today.

God Blesses!


When we are happy we want everyone to be happy around us...the world is sooo rosy!  Why don't we tell everyone we are blessed and spread the word.  Blessings are abundant and we don't have to look hard to find them.  Sure there are "those days", but do the few dictate our attitude?  Do we give the devil that much power?  Shouldn't we try and spread the word through our actions.....for instance...a professional can't spread the word or you can lose your job, but you can show everyone that God is Glorious!  When we are down and our spirit is hurting...there are others who are suffering to...and they may not know that God is there to raise us up to be so much more than we can ever be on our own.  He gives us strength, now let us use that strength to spread his word, to support everyone we matter how small the someone else it may be the world.

God Blesses!

better and better

Well folks, it's been a wild week!  I haven't blogged cause I hurt two of my fingers in a kitchen accident and required surgery.  Doin better now.  I don't know how many times this week I've been told that I was lucky and I've responded with, "Not lucky....Blessed!"  Hope yall have a great weekend!

God Blesses!


Well, my allergies have changed.  We noticed a big change after transplant because I could not stand a vacuum. We were told that there would probably not be that big of a change, but there was!  I am only allergic to 4 things now....out of dozens before!  The 4 are dust mites (no surprise, but now it is extreme!) red cedar, dog and cat.....yes cat.  He said that washing them, wiping them and keeping the house clean...all of which we do, I can tolerate them well.  No wonder we did not realize it before....we've been managing it well.  He also said that my asthma may not be that bad, that it may be my vocal chords having problems, so he's sending me to a specialist. Ele got a phenomenal checkup!  We are soooo blessed!  Hope yall have a great day and thank you for your prayers.  Please pray for a friend who just became a widow and a friend who's son was in a bad wreck.  We know prayers work, for we are ALL living proof.  Have a great one yall!

God Blesses!


K, so I have to have my breathing and allergy testing today.  The allergy testing will be for the 8th time in my life, but the last time was 14 years ago....a lot has happened since then and we want to help my breathing issues.  I have had to be off my meds for 7 days, so I have had to wear my glasses for half the week and am scratching like a dog.

Last night I had been scratching my belly a the other itching spells I was not even aware of it until Ele and I had this conversation:
Ele: Momma how is your belly?
Me: Huh? (As I look down and see what I'm doing) Oh...I guess it's itchin.
Ele: Is it bad Momma?
Me: (Raising my shirt to see, and it looks angry red, but I don't want her to worry) It's not bad baby.
Ele: Oh Mooooommmmmma.  (really pitifully said).  It's swollen!
Me: (looking at it closely) Uh honey, it's not.
Ele: Yeah Momma look it's big then skinny. (as she rubs my belly)
Me:  Honey, that's not the itchin, that's my belly.

At t…


Some days we don't feel as though we have the strength to do much of anything.  To get up, to eat, to not eat, to fight the daily battle of traffic, work, or relationships....why?  Mainly because we lose our confidence.  Our confidence in the ability to "handle" things.  Remember the verse: "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Phillipians 4:13.   We have talked before about how we are not alone, but we have not discussed how the devil attacks our confidence in the ability to achieve.  The ability that when we are doing what the Lord wants we can accomplish it through Him...not alone.  Repeatedly through the Bible God says that he will not forsaken us for he is with us.  If you have a doubt about something, first is it something that God wishes, second if it is then know that the devil is in play...including the attempted breakdown of your inner strength.  After you realize that keep telling yourself that God is with you and you have the …


Ele had her 10th birthday pics made.  I am sooo proud.  What a thoughtful, smart, and beautiful girl.   This pic didn't make the cut, but it is my favorite!  She looks big...and yes, she looks like Robert in this pic.  I've always thought it when she was sleeping, but man these pics captured it.  She wanted her pic made with Quito of course! haha!  10 years old.  5 years ago today I took my first chemo....your life can change in a heartbeat.  We have a lot of blessings, and so do you....we're alive.  Now Live!  Have a great day yall.