Ele had her 10th birthday pics made.  I am sooo proud.  What a thoughtful, smart, and beautiful girl.   This pic didn't make the cut, but it is my favorite!  She looks big...and yes, she looks like Robert in this pic.  I've always thought it when she was sleeping, but man these pics captured it.  She wanted her pic made with Quito of course! haha!  10 years old.  5 years ago today I took my first chemo....your life can change in a heartbeat.  We have a lot of blessings, and so do you....we're alive.  Now Live!  Have a great day yall.


Holly said…
She is so beautiful! I can't believe 10! Where has the time gone! She does look like Robert!
Na said…
Hey Holly! We miss yall! I know what a big girl. Blog soon...can't wait to read about what is going on with yall. LY!

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