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I spoke with Eme's "Peeschool" teacher earlier in the week, and she was asking me about our new puppy. She said Eme was saying that Atlas like it sometimes, she gets to sleep with it, we haven't named it yet though, but that she loves it, and it is so cute. I then explained that the "puppy" in question was a stuffed animal. She wants to know from Eme why she didn't tell her it wasn't real, to which Eme responds that she was going to, she just hadn't had a chance to yet. Eme the "real" child. Oh yeah are hands are full. Yall have a great weekend, and a great "real" day.

God Bless!


Do you ever try and rationalize something? Wecan turn any wrong into a right, just by talking about it long enough. That is how our society turns murders childhoods into an ok reason to kill someone. When we compare our little white-lies to the degredation of society it really doesn't seem that bad. See....we can even turn our lies into not-so-bad of ones at the drop of an idea. God knows the difference, and I'm sure that he has heard all of the excuses. Today try and not rationalize, try to just do God's will, not the mutated form to allow for what we want to do.

God Bless!

wish granted

Wish granted....what if we heard that when we make a wish? When we pray what if God said...sounds good to be? Well, I don't know about you, but I think I'd probably pass out, but only after looking around and making sure someone wasn't pulling a joke on me. Have you ever been in a situation, then later say, wait, I prayed about this, and that was God's hand at work when it came true? We all have. Did you stop, look at the sky, and say thank you? We need to thank God for the miracles we can't see, along with the ones that we can....oh and God Bless the one's we don't pray for, along with the one's we do.

God Bless!

still here

I'm still here. Still sick, but the meds for the infection have made my stomach very the point I am wondering if I have the stomach bug too. Oh. well. I'll live...Suck it up! I hope yall have a great weekend and next week I'll try to blog more. Smile...God Loves you!

God Bless!


Sorry folks, sick with a sinus infection brought on by my shot shutting me down. Please pray for a friend's mom who finds out about her heart Thursday, and for a family and the loss of their child and for their other child who wanted to be a big sister.

God Bless!

p.s. Happy Birthday Lucas!!!!!

another blessing

I forgot in all the excitement...I got my test results this morning. I can have my last shot, the one I'm allergic to tomorrow. My levels, at last, are normal! Please pray for us again tomorrow. At 3 pm Ele has her interview with the paper, and at 4pm, I have my shot. Have a great weekend yall!

God Bless!


OH! and Jess...Happy Birthday girly! Love you!

yes a special gift

Well, our little girl did it!

She was so big! Her hair looks beautiful! We had a big day...and she got sweaty wating to watch her debut! One thing that happened today to make me very proud was when a couple of different kids said to Robert and I at different times, "She was brave! I couldn't do that" To her her hair didn't mean as much. I do believe it was because she had saw how hair doesn't define someone. What made me most proud though was that she wanted to do it for someone else, and yes, like Ele wrote the first Thanksgiving after my transplant, "I'm thankful for God helping my Mom." Well I'm thankful that my little girl is a "big girl" in her own right, and one of the kid's with the biggest heart I know. My "Goldilocks", yeah that's what we say about her in pics...."Dark child and Goldilocks". I know she made this the brightest 2nd....2n…

the big day

I just said to Robert...well tomorrow is the big day! He said yep...then we looked at each other. We had said the very thing two years ago. It amazes me at how much a life can change in an instant, much less two years.
I had my blood drawn today to see if I can take my last shot (the one I'm allergic to) on Friday, and the girl, (who I hadn't got to meet before, but talked to a lot on the phone) said I wondered what you looked like...I never would have known you, I expected someone who didn't look good. I replied Thank you.
And I am thankful...I fought, not for myself, for everyone, but especially for my girls....all three. I looked at their pics the whole time on the folder I carried...well Robert carried it, I was too weak...I just held it. I thought that during the time I was away fighting, I would want to see their pics...but it hurt...I couldn't be with them, but I made myself look at them...I craved their faces. Whenever I would show their pics I would …


Ele will be on TV.....It will be in 4, 5, 6, 10 (Thursday)and the AM Friday morning.

We just found out!!! God Bless!!!

Valentine's Day

On Thursday Ele is going to cut off her hair for "Locks for Love". She is going to do it in at her school, in an assembly for the whole school, and NewsChannel5 is going to be there. I am a very proud mother. What makes me more proud is that she cut mine off, and is now going to cut hers off on my 2nd Birthday. Can you believe I had my transplant 2 years ago? Can you believe my baby is going to cut 12 inches off her hair, and it still be right below her shoulders? Can you believe that the reason she wants to do it is to help "kids wif cansur"? I can. She is a very smart and loving child. When I asked her who do you know who has lost their hair? She said, "Momma!" Eme said, "Uncle Terry!" (He's just semi-bald though!) I want all yall to know so you can please pray for Ele, she wants to do this to educate other kids, but the real reason is because all she wants to do is help kids who she sees as going through what she saw me going…


I love to read inspirational emails and short stories. (Thanks Todd!!!) We read them and they uplift us. They give us a quick "pick me up". Do we give God one on a daily basis? Do we go to him in prayer only when we need a little "back up"? I have tried to teach the girls to thank God at the beginning of their prayers each night, and not to just start in asking for things, even if they are for other people. God knows our stories, but I think he would appreciate a little thanks, I imagine even he needs a little positivity in his day too.

God Bless!


If you passed someone on the street, in the isle at Wal-Mart, or in the hall at work....would you know what goes on in their lives by looking at them....We never know what someone is going through. By looking at me today, you wouldn't know the battle's I've went one time my battles, not all, but the biggest was on public display. You don't have to know what's wrong with them to have sympathy. Smile and uplift someone today.

God Bless!

be kinder than necessary-
everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.
Live simply,
Love generously,
Care deeply,
Speak kindly....
Leave the rest to God


In today's time....yes with tragedy and just everyday occurances, we see things that may upset us, wether it be in anger or irritation, sadness or despair. We need to remember that everyone is affected differently, and we do not walk in their shoes. God made us all different, and therefore our reactions are different, on the inside and on the out. If we try to maintain a positive outlook with everyone and let our lights shine, we can be a positive influence on them, and who knows maybe many others with the "trickle down" affect. Today as you hear about the tragedys around us, try to remember that our God is a loving God, who will not give us more than we can bear, and because we do not carry everyone's burdens, nor do we know everything that goes on in their lives, give them a smile. A smile, wave, nod, or a "Have a good one", may make their day.

God Bless!


You never think something can happen to you until it does. I'm living proof. Yeah I said living. Two years ago today I received my first round of high-dose chemo that killed me. Before, I never would have thought I'd say that. Today many people are saying that about our storms. You think it won't happen to you. There are many things we think about during a radio, should have had copies of pictures, should have had a backup plan, should have done this or that, but we need to prepare for the more ineviteable. We should prepare for heaven. We should accept that we could go today, but will we be ready? All it takes is one prayer. Let us pray today.

God Bless!


Please pray for those affected by these storms. For many storms can be scary, but for others it can be tragic. Please pray for them to have the strength to get thru all of the recovery and rebulild, not to mention the loss of loved ones. Possesions can be replaced, many times, but your loved ones cannot.

God Bless!


Memories...we all have them some are precious to us, others we use as a deterrent spray for what we deem as bad situations, others bring warmth and joy to our bodies and souls, along with a smile to our faces. Mana fwd me an email that the subject said..Rena-This will mean a lot to you. I hope that it will mean a lot to yall to.

God Bless!

"Circumstances or people can take away your material possessions, they can take away your money, and they can take away your health. But no one can ever take away your precious memories... So, don't forget to make time and take the opportunities to make memories everyday."


Ever wonder why we say Happy Birthday? On people's birthday's we put those two little words together and sing. Then think of the Gospel song "Oh Happy Day". Now do you wonder why we can't have a Happy Day everyday? Today is April's please send her an email and let her know to have a great one! Now close your eyes and wish yourself a "Happy Day". God loves each and everyone of us, so we should celebrate, and live today as if it is a Happy Day, it's in your control.

God Bless!