yes a special gift

Well, our little girl did it!

She was so big! Her hair looks beautiful! We had a big day...and she got sweaty wating to watch her debut! One thing that happened today to make me very proud was when a couple of different kids said to Robert and I at different times, "She was brave! I couldn't do that" To her her hair didn't mean as much. I do believe it was because she had saw how hair doesn't define someone. What made me most proud though was that she wanted to do it for someone else, and yes, like Ele wrote the first Thanksgiving after my transplant, "I'm thankful for God helping my Mom." Well I'm thankful that my little girl is a "big girl" in her own right, and one of the kid's with the biggest heart I know. My "Goldilocks", yeah that's what we say about her in pics...."Dark child and Goldilocks". I know she made this the brightest 2nd....2nd Birthday, among any other birthday I'll ever have, but most of all I am thankful for her too.

God Bless!

p.s. Thank all of yall for your unending support of us. Happy "Big Heart's" Day!


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