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Well, about two weeks ago the girls took their money and bought goldfish. April is responsible for them and when we got them I had a talk with the girls about not being upset when they came downstairs in the morning and they were dead. I guess I preached quite a bit because when the boy was handing me the bag at Wal-Mart he was trying not to smile as he said I had 72 hrs to bring them back if they died. I thought yeah, I'm standing in a line with a dead fish in a baggie for 32 cents! But I smiled and told him thank you. April had fish for years, and knows quite a bit about them, but Robert gives her crap and calls her the "Fish Whisperer". He also calls the fish "The Fishsticks" because he told the girls they would freeze when they were dead and we throwed them out to the cats. Needless to say yall know where this is going.....Eme's fish (Robert made me clarify) has been crapping for days, and now it acts like it's on it's last fin. She doesn't …


I have been having trouble with logging in! Sorry yall! I have to tell you about Robert's great mystery. Tonight we were watching the intro for a home show on a couple's remodel of their home. Robert starts asking April and I " Did you see that animal? Did you see it? What was that?!?" Needless to say he was excited. He said that was no average animal. That was wierd!, he kept saying. He kept on describing this wierd face, slow moving, so much that finally I asked if it was a sloth....he said it was, but he HAD to see it again. Well he sits on the couch not moving for the next 30 min. I was going to bed and he walks through very disgusted. I asked what was wrong, and all he said was "It was a golden retriever". I laughed, and of course, laughed some more at his expense. So soon ask Robert if he's seen any sloth's lately! Stay safe in the nasty weather, however the weather guys get it right!

God Bless!

all of it

I remember been a teenager and going to Camp one weekend with Jess. She and I had fun. I remember her saying (basically) that by beleveing in God, if you were wrong you lost nothing, and if you were right, you gained everything. I got this quote today, and it made me think of that. The other thing it made me think of was when I was sick. I got an enormous amount of comfort from watching Joyce Meyer every morning. I could not go to church, so it meant a lot. Also, I don't believe in her, but her preaching is great. I think I felt the closest to God during that time. Now was it because of the sickness, or being that devoted to God that I spent 30min of my day, and a lot of praying? I'm not for sure, but after reading this I know I'm gonna try and spend "A little time with Jesus" more! Have a great weekend yall!

" I'd rather hope for everything and get some of it, than hope for nothing and get all of it."~Joyce Meyer

God Bless!

Last night

Last night we were going over our Bible verse for basketball. Each girl was saying it, and Eme was doing very well, even though she wasn't required. The verse is Luke 15:10, "In the same way, there is joy before the angels of God when 1 sinner changes his heart." Well, Eme at one point accidently says, "In the same way, there is joy before the angels of God when 1 sentence...." We all started giggling including Eme! Have a great day yall!

God Bless!


Something brought up somebody having a girlfriend, and I said Daddy has a girlfriend. The girls started laughing and askd who. I said some off the wall name, and the girls started laughing. Robert said, "Noooooo" and laughed...then all of a sudden Eme says as she shakes her head, "Momma you got smacked." I busted out laughing, and the Ele tilted her head and puckered her lips and says, "She took yo man!" I thought we we're gonna roll! Of course we said we were kidding and we all laughed. Have a great day yall!

God Bless!

best of

How many times have you tried to make the best of a situation? Sometimes it works and sometimes it blows up in your face. What does it really matter though? You tried. You are recognized for trying, no matter what you will ultimately feel better. You know that deep in your heart you did your best. Now think of "the best of" part, take the situation out of it, and the best of becomes a very positive thing.

God Bless!


Halleiugh! Uncle Jerry got a good report! Prayers work!
It is cold!!! Sometimes we want to go home, back to bed, and we think that the day is lost. So where did the day go? It's gonna pass wether you are in bed or up and moving. LIVE the day, make the most of it, and thank God you are alive!

God Bless!


Please say a special prayer for Uncle Jerry tomorrow. He's going to see the Dr for a check-up and needs our prayers. Also, please pray for the eldery (not Uncle Jerry! haha!), this time of year being so cold and slippery makes it hard and dangerous. Stay warm yall!

God Bless!


I have 4 pics.....My big baby Enus with a milk mouth, Ashley Tisdale (also known as Uncle Jerry, with Aunt Shirley), and the girls at their BB Game Saturday! They won 34 to 18!!! We were so proud! Lex got a offensive star, and Ele got defensive star! Lex was rebounding and Ele kept stealing the ball!!! We couldn't believe that Ele was getting in their and she kept running time she skipped down the court! Heve a good one yall!

said so

I grew up with my parents doing the "because I said so" ore "I am the parent, you are the child", so I vowed with my kids I wouldn't do that. I haven't. I have said, "You are not a Mommy or a Daddy." Last night Ele was upset at bedtime. I finally got out of her that she was scared I was going to leave. Then, after talking a while she said that she was scared I was going to die of cancer. It broke my heart. I explained that God performed a miracle and I had no more cancer. I kept saying that no matter what God takes care of us. I repeated it over and over, one time I said that he either heals us or we get to go to heaven. I explained that when I was her age I worried the same about my Daddy, without the cancer part being involved, he had said we can't worry about those things. I wanted to express to her that God takes care of us. She seemed to feel a lot better about all of it. I asked her if she was scared anymore and she said n…


You think you're done. That it is finally finished, no matter what the item, instance, or case, that is not true. We are never truly done, for it is always in our memory, the feeling stays with us, dulled maybe, but still there, never done with our lives. Done is a vague word in the majority of instances, but done, is also finality. Done is complete, doors closing windows covered, nobody do we truly want to have learned nothing, so that done becomes gone? Or do we want done to be over, an item in our memory, a building block, that allows us to learn, to grow, to excel out of the instance, propelling us forward into a better understanding, a much better world? I think I like done to be about a favorite food...ready to enjoy.

God Bless!


Pray for all of those who are sick and have lost loved ones. The holidays is so hard on people, and their families.

God Bless!


We were watching the Texas game tonight during supper. Eme and Lex was in the living room, and Ele, Robert, April and myself were still sitting at the table. At the beginning of the game during the anthem, there was a Bald Eagle flying with it's leather straps hanging from its legs. All of a sudden Ele hollars out, "Ewww! It's got worms!" I about spit my food! Have a great day yall and let God lead the way....worms and all!

God Bless!

tis the season

We had a great Christmas and New Year! I have three things I want to write about.
I am proud to say that not very long ago I updated my pic again.....yes I didn't for over a year, then I did twice in probably about a week or two! The reason that I am proud is that the pic was taken at Ele and Lex's game by....EME! She's such a big girl!We had a great surprise for the New Year.....Aunt Shirley and Uncle Jerry came to visit. I have promised them that I will post lots of pics (we got a new camera for Christmas), so be looking for them....also thank yall for coming to see us...we LOVE you!I got a little book for Christmas from a friend at work and I loved this scripture regarding the promises of Christmas, but I thought it applied to the new year wonderfully, and since this is my first blog of the year I picked it!...."These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full." John 15:11God Bless!