Well, about two weeks ago the girls took their money and bought goldfish. April is responsible for them and when we got them I had a talk with the girls about not being upset when they came downstairs in the morning and they were dead. I guess I preached quite a bit because when the boy was handing me the bag at Wal-Mart he was trying not to smile as he said I had 72 hrs to bring them back if they died. I thought yeah, I'm standing in a line with a dead fish in a baggie for 32 cents! But I smiled and told him thank you. April had fish for years, and knows quite a bit about them, but Robert gives her crap and calls her the "Fish Whisperer". He also calls the fish "The Fishsticks" because he told the girls they would freeze when they were dead and we throwed them out to the cats. Needless to say yall know where this is going.....Eme's fish (Robert made me clarify) has been crapping for days, and now it acts like it's on it's last fin. She doesn't know, and won't see it. Since I'm first up I have to do the deed. Robert and I agreed that it needed to go out in the yard. Pray for Eme that she won't be upset too much and that when I fling that thing out in the cold it don't get hung in the net and smack me back! Have a great weekend yall!

God Bless!


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