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Sorry folks been sick this week. Hope all of you are well. Promise to write more later.
God Bless!


Well Ele and Eme will have two little friends over for Friday and Saturday nights….my Lordy…what was I thinking?! We'll have a ball and wing it! Smile today yall. When hearts are heavy a smile will lift them, whether you are on the giving or receiving ends!
God Bless!


We talk about it almost everyday on here….then I heard this song yesterday….how BEAUTIFUL.
God Bless!


Have you ever heard a love song, that set your spirit free?
Have you ever watched a sunrise and felt you could not breathe?
What if it's Him. What if it's God speaking?

Have you ever cried a tear that you could not explain?
Have you ever met a stranger who already knew your name?
What if it's Him. What if it's God speaking?

Who knows how He'll get a hold of us?
Get our attention to prove He is enough.
He'll do, and He'll use whatever He wants to.
To tell us, I Love You.

Have you ever lost a loved one
Who you thought should still be here?
Do you know what it feels like
to be tangled up in fear?
What if He's somehow involved?
What if He's speaking through it all?

Who knows how He'll get a hold of us?
Get our attention to prove he is enough.
He'll do and He'll use whatever He wants to
To tell us, I love you.

His ways are highe…


Don't know much. Just pluggin along. Hope everyone is well. Please pray for all of our soldiers, those that are sick, and those that their Faith is not lost, not forgotten, but simply hidden to them….think of the song…"Hide it under a bush OH NO, I'm gonna let it shine!"
God Bless!

Tic tacs

We took Ele to the Dr yesterday and now have a second opinion scheduled already (since I don't trust the first one we are scheduled to see cause he has already seen her twice and it took our family Dr to find out what was wrong with her). We also have an allergist appt scheduled, as we are afraid that her allergies may be keeping her feeling tired and therefore not able to handle her "flares" when they occur. She is on ibuprofen and a rx strength of fish oil (non-metal) to help with her joints. Thank you SOO much for the prayers.
Ele and I were in the office moving some pics and she said over and over, "Momma you need some tic-tacs?" She was talking about thumb tacks! It was very cute!
I heard this song yesterday on the Christian station. It's by Third Day and it's called "When the Rain Comes". I heard it before I went to Ele's appt and felt like God was talking to me again. You know we keep the FAITH going even if it's through t…


Thanks to all of you for your prayers. Ele has had to rest this weekend and we go to the reg doctor this afternoon for a verification on protocol with this, also for an explanation on all it means. Geraldine is holding up well, but the next couple of weeks will be some of the hardest as Heilon was laid to rest. It was a beautiful service. Daddy did well, but I think this spring when planting time comes and it's time to mow his yard, Daddy will have a lot of time on the bush hog as therapy. Hope all of yall are well.
God Bless!


Please pray for Heilon's family and friends. He passed and the visitation is going on. Daddy is holding up, but having a hard time, Momma is doing well, and Geraldine is amazing me. Also please pray for Ele as we try to determine the exact diagnosis and course of action with her disease. They are now saying it's a mixed connective tissue disease, which is three different ones in combination. We'll see when we get an appt with the Rheum. Pediatrition. It's something we just have to keep in control. As always, God has a plan we just don't know what it is…..Thank the Lord he is in control. Have a great weekend.
God Bless!


So Eme was standing in the kitchen taking her medicine and I asked her "So….what do you know", she looks up at the sky for a few, looks at me smiling, then replies, "A little".
God Bless!


So, a neighbor passed away and Daddy told Momma (Eme was there) and Momma cried some. Eme of course says to Daddy, "You shouldn't have told her it made her sad." A little bit later Momma and Daddy were talking and Momma starts to cry again, well Eme says very huffily to Daddy, "See! I told you you shouldn't have told her!"
Don't hide your tears today, for they show you care, just as a smile….that's just how we are….yet remember, God is the glory, and how Great He is!
God Bless!


So, Eme and I were in the bathroom last night and she was counting the squares on the backsplash. She was counting them one at a time, so I thought this would be a great way to teach her about math:
Eme: 7, 8, 9..
Me: You know how to count them fast?
Eme: No
Me: As I count and point rubbing across the tiles…7 by 42. What's 7 times 42.
Eme: I don't know
Me: Come on what's 7 times 42? {wanting to build her cursoity}
Eme: {hip out and arms up} I don't know! Momma…..I haven't learned multiplys yet!

So folks, you don't need to count, just know in your heart that you already know multiplys in your heart. God gave us the blessing of doing one deed and it "multiplying" into many more by others continuing the blessing. Have a great one. Please pray for those sick. We find out Ele's results today. Beginning to think it's allergies driving down her system and allowing her to catch these viral things.
God Bless!


Ele seems as though she has a stomach virus, but we will get the test results back today (hopefully) to find out something from the blood tests. Please pray for Heilon. He and Geraldine have been our neighbors my whole life, and for that matter Daddy's too. He is not doing well. Please pray for Vic's family and wish her a late birthday….one year ago her Daddy went home to be with God. Now for the biggie….yesterday was the Cuz' bday and I missed wishing her it….Happy birthday Cuz! As the Cuz would say, keep your head up and your bootie down!
God Bless!


Ele still has fever. Daddy has training today, Momma has inner ear she's been going to the Dr for and can't drive right now, Robert took off yesterday so he can't miss today, and Ele has to get her blood drawn. Since she keeps having these fevers and they have already discovered she has the marker gene for a rheumatoid/autoimmune disease, they think when she has these fevers it is her coming out of remission. I think/pray it's a viral thing. Deal is she has to get a fasting blood check, to determine what exactly is going on and if it is viral or a disease, so I need to take her to Dr and bring her back home then go into work this morning. My goodness! Thank God we're all breathing, and he gives us the grace to handle our burdens with his help. Have a great day yall! I'm gonna live it.
God Bless!


Well, we now have a dog with allergies. Yep Abby has to take Benadryl for a while cause she got into some mold and is hacking. I'm sneezing, Ele has a fever, and Eme is snotty. Robert is ok, and the other animals are up to par. Yeah it's in the water. Please pray for those sick and in the hospital. We all have family and friends who need prayers. Have a great day yall!
God Bless!


OK….so it's not as bad as it sounds. It's really not that bad when your 6 year old is in the back seat looking at a magazine and you hear the words, "This magazine's all about fish hookers!" Yep. Terry's Field and Stream magazine. That's Eme! So if you feel like shouting something about hookers, just make sure you have a magazine in your hands that's about fishin!
God Bless!