Please pray for Heilon's family and friends. He passed and the visitation is going on. Daddy is holding up, but having a hard time, Momma is doing well, and Geraldine is amazing me. Also please pray for Ele as we try to determine the exact diagnosis and course of action with her disease. They are now saying it's a mixed connective tissue disease, which is three different ones in combination. We'll see when we get an appt with the Rheum. Pediatrition. It's something we just have to keep in control. As always, God has a plan we just don't know what it is…..Thank the Lord he is in control. Have a great weekend.

God Bless!


Anonymous said…
Na you amaze me and encourage me with your posts. I hope that Ele is going to be okay and treatments are available to make her feel better. You truly are the faith keeper and we are all blessed by your positive attitude. Love to your adorable girls and the family.
Denise Hardison

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