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So, the girls and I went and got them some basketball shoes and stopped by Sam's. Well the girls were hungry so we got some little M&M cookies, cause they needed something for their lunches anyway. Now before we made it to the first stop light the girls we're eating cookies. I asked for one and Lex tried to hand me a pack. I said, "No baby, I just want one cookie." Lex says OK, and promptly hands me one cookie. The cookie was pretty soft and good, not at all like I had expected, so I asked for another…..and I hear this PROMPT whisper from the back seat…."Ele you HAVE to give her one…I ALREADY did!"…..from Lex.
God Bless!


I am stuffed and like all of you do NOT want to see leftovers for some time! Thank God for thanksgiving, the food on the table, the family sitting around it, the ones watching over, and the ones miles away, plus the friends in our hearts! Have a great one yall!
God Bless!


Happy Tanksgiving everybody! Please wish belated birthday's to Uncle Jerry, Lex, and Grant. I didn't forget yall…I just realized I never blogged about it. We have so much to be thankful for….Take the time to write down what you are thankful for, or at least while ;you're driving in the car stop and think about each one…say them out loud. You'll feel better, more thankful, and appreciative. Have a great one yall!
God Bless!

Handy Robert

Anyone who knows Robert and I know that I am the one in the relationship with the mechanical skills. I love to fix things and Robert struggles, although to his credit he has learned over the years, not to try and do something, just let me fix it and has learned to hand me the tools very well. In saying that one of the main skills my Daddy stressed was holding the flashlight the right way. Of course this was before the days of lights that stood on their own and had positionable necks so it could hold itself in just the right angle…the girls do a much better job than Robert…I believe it is because they are intimidated at this age not to move it and Robert just does it to irritate me. Kind of like I was the TV remote changing the channel or the volume for my Daddy long before the remote actually came out. Where am I going with this one…..well where am I going with this one right? The girls religiously watch Handy Manny on the TV EVERY school day while they eat breakfast. Robert co…


OK, so I've gained weight….menopause sucks, but hey, I'm alive! So, in saying that, I've gone back to trying to eat healthy, and I've joined the gym. I go to work out at lunch….it's not that stressful trust me. I get on the elliptical (of course you know me I clean it first), plug in my headphones, and watch HGTV or something else interesting for 30 min. I enjoy doing it, but have to make myself leave my desk. Once I'm past that it's no problem. Now what am I leading up to….I like to work out in big clothes. I was hunting for my fav and realized that Robert had on the shirt. Yes, I wear Robert's shirts, and I had him dig in his closet for me another shirt….now I've got bright green capri's in my hands and he hands me what else, but an orange shirt! I look down at the clothes and back at him, and just said, "What am I the great pumpkin?!" Robert busts out laughing and says, "Watch out she's gonna turn into pumpkin pie…


Not much going on….just been getting in bed early and catching up on sleep….can we ever really catch up on stuff or just try and keep up? Have a great day yall! With God all things are possible!
God Bless!


I have been blessed. I am blessed. I can say I have a lot of friends. Grindad used to say that you have two types of friends in life. Fair weather friends and true friends. The older I get the more I realize that those friends all play such an impact in our lives and they move from one type to another….time and actions are what defines the type. I have never doubted Grindad's definition of the type of friends you have in life. I think when I tell it to the girls though I'm gonna explain it more though. There may be two types, but don't put any labels on that friendship ever. You never truly know which type of friend they may have been until the day you die. You still have your lifetime to revisit old friendships and make new ones. The definition is all relative, and the friends remain in your heart forever.
I want to say a big THANK YOU to all my friends. To those who have stayed with me whether it be in body or in spirit, and to those who are in heaven already.…


We had a ball at the Cuz's wedding vow renewal! It was a TON of food, but a blast being with family, and not stressful, which I was very proud of. Still recovering from the ole body's toll, and lack of sleep from being excited, but feel more up to par today. Have a blessed day yall!
God Bless!


Please pray for Daddy as he is going to take a test for a job this morning. Pray for all of those who have lost their jobs, have financial difficulties, and are sick. A friend just told me that one of her friends is battling for his life right now with cancer. You know no matter how bad things seem (like the transmission falling out of my car yesterday), it could always be worse, and we need to praise God for all his many blessings.
God Bless!


You ever wonder how you make it through the day. We worry, we plan, we analyze, and then disaster strikes. All our planning, worrying, analyzing is shot to hell….literally. We do all these things because of hell…..the devil. It is through FAITH and the belief that what is going to happen will be for the best that God has a plan greater than we may ever know and he leads our life….we don't have to worry with FAITH….we can plan a little, and the go with the flow.
God Bless!


We had a great trip to Indy this weekend to see Aunt Shirley and Uncle Jerry. We also got to see Bella and Barbie our cousins (in the out-law/in-law way)'s them in the pic! We had fun shopping and we went to a arcade/buffet place which was exhausting! haha! The girls loved it! We came home and now are back to the grind stone. Hope all is well. Please pray for Mana and Macy and them....they've got the flu! Poor baby....6 mo old now....can you believe it!

God Bless!


So I told Granny Karen (the girls call her that…she's my old baby sitter growing up, and has ALWAYS been there for us) about the girls smack down in the cheese section at Wal-Mart…here's the card she sent me….
It's got two kids on the front with a dog and the balloon the dog's thinking is "Say the word and I can bury 'em both in the backyard for ya!", then you open it up and it says, "Ever have one of those days?" then Karen wrote…I thought you would enjoy a chuckle! Does this remind you of your "Wal-Mart episode"? Love, Karen
I died laughing! Have a great day yall, and try not to bury anything!
God Bless!

The girls let loose and Robert gets scared

First, Robert always pulls outside of the gate when he comes home for lunch. Now Tammy (Maria) called to say there was a rumor in the neighborhood (last week) for a blue van that comes up to people's houses and wants to clean your house, then forces it's way in…Well needless to say the blue van pulled up blocking in Robert's car. Robert locks the doors on the house and is deciding to bring out the big boys, when he found out it was a CDC lady wanting to do a survey. Maria got Paco good on that one!
Now onto our daughters letting loose. Daddy was needing to scoop corn off the back of the truck, in the field for the cows. Now Ele has been driving the truck in the fields for some time in Daddy's lap, the girls have bragged on her for a long time (although neither takes any intrest in doing it for themselves...thank GOD), until I rode in the back and can say that she did good, around tight trees, through lanes, by fences. What we did not know is that she had had graduated t…


The girls had a great halloween! Eme was an old timey Princess, Lex was a Vampire, and Ele was a pirate. Everybody talked about how cute Eme time she was running to the car and against the light she looked like a runaway bride. Lex had blood (lipstick) on her mouth, and Ele is doing the "Arrrgh" in this pic, not wiping her nose, like it looks. Of course by the second house we were eating candy. Did the cuz's invites this weekend and not a whole lot else since it was so nasty....and thank God, no fights in Wal-Mart! Hope yall had a great one, and have a great day.....remember it's all in how you look at it.

God Bless!