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Little J.R.

Talked to Daddy today on the phone and real serious he said…Ele told me something the other day…and I thought oh crap what did I say or what did she see and repeat? He then real serious says, “She said that Eme puts ice in her glass of milk” I told him she does it all of the time, always has, and Ele always tells her its nasty. Daddy said, “Well I’m sure a lot of people do it, but the only person I have ever saw do it was Dad.”….so the moral of the story….yes, Grindad lives, and little Grindad has struck again. April says she's gonna make her a t-shirt that says, "Little J.R."

God Bless!


Please pray for the Rippy family as they lost Scott yesterday in a car wreck. We always say that we need to hold those we love dear because we never know when they will be called home, but it really is true. We are never ready, but God knows when it is time. They are an amazing family who prayed for me every step of the way. I cannot imagine the feelings they have right now. As Eme says though, God holds us in his loving arms.
God Bless!


All of our flowers are beautiful. They have really multiplied a lot from last year, and I have been able to transplant a LOT. We are so blessed. I wonder though, do we cultivate our daily lives for God like some of us do our flowers? I know I need to work on that. Say a prayer and read a verse today. You'll feel better. Have a great day yall!
God Bless


We got a lot done opening the pool, transplanting flower beds, and planting the garden. This weekend has been one of the longest though. Thank you for all of your prayers. Saturday morning we lost Tyson at almost 12 years of age to diabetes. He was my baby boy (in fact, one time, Eme convinced her preschool teacher that she had a baby brother at home). Yes he was a cat but I raised him and Rebel from the time they were 11 hours old. I got up in the night every two hours, I cried over them (Tyson almost died of infection at 3 days old, and at six months almost lost his eye and it took months for him to get over it), and they taught me to be a mother, and ultimately an advocate. I always joked about how I would take it hard when something happened to them, but this is very hard, it is hard for all of us. Rebel seems as though she is taking it well, until at night. We have to put her up in her room because she walks around down stairs crying and looking for him. We can't fi…


Big weekend planned. Sowing the garden, opening the pool, taking the girls to Mana's to see Macy, and planning to visit our old preacher's Church. Sometimes you wonder how you're gonna get stuff done. For years I scheduled stuff, and then got upset with myself when I could not meet those standards. Now I say ok lets be realistic and only plan on doing one or two things on the list today, if they don't get done we can still get them done, just not worry about tomorrow. I think it is a faith issue. You have to have faith that God is going to take care of things in his own time. Our time table may say one thing, but God has the only one that matters. Have a great weekend yall! Please keep prayin!
God Bless!
Yesterday, the girls were playing on the trampoline and talking about being I snuck outside and gave them ice. They had a ball! In the beginning the cubes were stuck to their backsides. When I gave it to them they said, "You're the best Momma in the whole world!" So I came outside with the camera and asked them what they had said earlier....Ele says, "I know what you're want us to say it again so you can get it on the camera!" Yep....and I was/will play it again some day to remind them! Smart kid! Please continue to pray for Tyson. He is doing better little by little, but they said it will take him a while as he is older and was so sick. Please pray for Me-Maw, a family friend who is battling cancer.

God Bless!


I am better and Tyson is slowly recovering. Please keep prayin! Thank yall!
God Bless!

eme and tyson

Sorry Folks been sick. Eme had her Kindergarten recognition's her pic. Nobody else was doing this, so I wonder if she was prayin'! HAHA....also, please note that she has a fake tattoo on her arm, which I did NOT know she had put there....btw I told her to take it off, and now mysteriously she has one on each arm. I have since banned her from them on her arms. Dad gome if it was piercings...I could be blamed. On a serious note, please pray for Tyson, we almost lost him yesterday due to his diabetes, and it is still touch and go. For those of you who know us, you know that he is my baby boy, and we are all having a hard time with it.

God Bless!


Eme has this slime that she loves playing with in the office. She just showed me a new trick with it, and I turned around to my desk when she said, "That's the Eme show for now! Log onto!.......if you want to." I just smiled.

God Bless!

Macy and the Christian

Robert got to go see Macy tonight. We had fun holding her and getting to see Mana. She is so pretty! Robert swears she looks just like Tori. I took this pic of Robert holding her, and she was looking straight at him. I did the soft focus affect on the pic to bring focus to her you wouldn't focus on that pretty face anyway! Look at Robert's "Livestrong" bracelet he has on. He got it at my Survivor Celebration at Vandy. I thought it was pretty sweet it was in the pic with Macy! Also, I called Daddy to see how the girls were and Eme was helping Daddy fix her bike. He had told her to get the 8" Crescent Wrench.....she brings it to him and says, "Here is the 8" Christian Wrench!"...and if that's not enough, the girls have been riding their bikes down the hill at Momma and Daddy's and the grass is rough....well I guess this afternoon Ele came down and when she got to the bottom and ran in the house saying, "I've gotta go.…
Macy Layne
May 13, 2009 at 10:02 am
7 lbs 6 oz, 19 1/2 in.

She is beautiful! Mana had a rough delivery, but is doing great (thanks for the prayers). I ended up taking 337 pictures and videos today. Tori and I both said we just wanted to squeeze her when we were holding her. Tori and Grant are over the moon, as are all of us! Have a great day yall!

God Bless!


Well, today is the big day….Mana is going to have Macy. Macy Lane is scheduled to come into this world a little after 9:30 via c-section.
Please pray for Mana and Macy. We know miracles happen and God is holding our hands, so send those prayers along!
God Bless!


On Saturday, we went to the cemetary to put flowers on my Grandmother and Grindad's grave with Momma and Daddy. We had a nice time explaining to the girls the different family members, and answering ALL their questions. When I was little Aunt Shirley would always take pictures of me by differnet head stones so I thought I would take the camera and take a few pics. The girls were in their play clothes, but I still thought they were cute. So, for you Aunt Shirley, here's a pic! Happy Mother's Day. You have been a true mother to so many kids you deserve more than I could ever give you. Love you!

God Bless!

Mother’s Day

I had a great day! To all of you mother's out there, Hope you had a great day. To all of you who are "Mother's" to many yet never gave birth yourself, thank you. I have had the pleasure to be influenced by many women in my life, and I cannot begin to tell you how truly blessed I am for it. You made be a better Mother and you are whole heartedly honored today.
God Bless!

field trip I

Robert went on his first field trip of the year with Eme. Yes his first...tomorrow is his second with Ele. He and Eme went to see Earth and to the park with her class. They had a lot of fun! Tomorrow he goes to the Dr then meets Ele's class in Nashville for a puppet show. Please pray that his check up goes well! Also, that Mana continues to hold on and that her pains are aleviated soon! Have a great weekend yall!

God Bless!


We have said at different times that Ele talks very cute in how she pronounces things, and always has done so. Eme on the other hand has always pronounced things very well. Many times Eme has corrected Ele which drives her up the wall. Well, evidently they were playing a game of teacher up Momma and Daddy's and Ele was the teacher….now it's not going where you think…there was no fight or breakdown, but folders that were created for teaching were brought home and I discovered them this morning…..on the front of one in Ele's very clear and precise handwriting was, "Infro". Yes, she spells it like it sounds to her. Hope yall have a great day….to God the Glory!
God Bless!


We helped with the 5th grade recognition tonight. It was amazing to see all of the kids! And to think that Ele and Lex will be doing that in a couple of years! It was an amazing time too because right after that we were in the cafeteria and a ray of sunshine broke thru and shined down. Chanda said that it was Kristen smiling down on her classmates. I thought that was beautiful! God shines down on us, as does our loved ones…are we doing what we would want them to see? Sometimes I really hope they might turn their heads! Haha~! I am thankful for all the blessing that are bestowed on us!
Please pray for Mana! Macy is getting big and wanting to come out (Mana is having contractions)…..they checked her yesterday and Macy is 7lb and 7oz already and she has 3 weeks left to go!
Whew! I'm gonna be a Godmother for the 4th time! Yeah!!!!! I think Robert is more excited than I even am.
God Bless!


I called Momma and Daddy to see how Eme's day at school had been. They told me she was telling them she had hurt her friend at school. I talked to Eme on the phone and discovered that she had hurt her friend's feelings and that her friend was better by the time they went home. I said, "Eme don't you think that you should still take her a note to school telling her that you are sorry?" To which this hard and sassy little reply says, "Momma, I don't know how to spell sorry!" If yall need to know how to spell sorry try praying today!
God Bless!


We went to the TN Aquarium this weekend and had a great time! The girls were hilarious and we got to take our time and enjoy ourselves! Take some time today to stop and appreciate all you have. Have a great day yall!

God Bless!


The cuz sent me this and I'm sure that many of you have seen it. It is a valid warning, and can be likely, so I wanted to make sure that all of you had seen it. Have a great weekend yall, and please keep prayin!
God Bless!

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