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Hold tight

We love our family and friends. We never know when we may hold them for the last time. A child who has classes with Lex and is in the grade above Ele and Lex passed in a tragic drowning last night. Please pray for his family, all the children, and teachers. Nothing can be said, except we are praying.
On a funny note, we were watching Ultimate fighting and there was one match that only lasted 36 seconds. Robert said…I could have lasted longer than that! Ele and I just looked at him like he was crazy, and he said, Yeah I'd just have kept running from the guy!
God Bless!


Sorry for being so late on updates….we have been busy! I realize everyone is and that is no excuse, but we had a BIG weekend. Tori graduated high school! We are so proud. I remember the day she was born. We had a great time. What a wonderful world that we are allowed to be Godparents to such a wonderful girl. Glory to God! Have a great day yall!
God Bless!


Please say a prayer for Frank, a family friend who was just diagnosed. Also please pray for Terry, my big Bub. He is in the hospital and has to have surgery tomorrow on his hand. We know those prayers work, so Bring Em On!
God Bless!


We are sooo proud of our little 1st grader! Eme has won the award for reading the most books of all the first grade at her school! Ele had won the award as well, so we are so proud we have such smart little girls! Have a great weekend and Happy Birthday Macy!
God Bless!

Mother’s Day

I had a great day yesterday. I got to lay in the sun on a blanket with Robert, the girls and three kittens! It was great!
I read this and loved it, didn't say who it was from, but thank you:
To The Mother Every
Daughter Hopes For

You are my cushion when I fall.
Your love is unconditional.
You made our house a happy place to be.
You love me more than anyone.
I trust you ... you never lie
Even when you are angry, your eyes
still say they love me.
Your warmth and love make me grow ... 
every day.
You always forgive me.
Whenever I need you, you're always there.
If I could, I would give you anything
in the whole world.


What a special day! To all my friends who are mothers…Holly, Mana, Tammy, etc. To all my family….April, Jess, the Cuz, etc. And to my "Mothers" Aunt Becky, Aunt Patsy, Aunt Peggy, Aunt Edith, Karen…thank you so much for all your support and unconditional love. To Momma…thank you for always being there even when we don't always agree! But a special shout out to those "Mothers" who may have never birthed a child but have raised many. I love you! You amaze daily with your support, wisdom, and thoughtfulness. I can never explain how you do it, why you do it, or even when you do it all, but you do. I love you so much…we all do cause you affect us all. P.s. Thank you Aunt Shirley!.....all the pics are for you…..Brackentown's waitin when you can convince yourself and Uncle Jerry to retire to "Heaven" as Grindad used to call it. Haha! Happy Mother's Day yall. Also…thank you to my girls for allowing me to make a daily attempt at Motherhoo…

the landscaper

Robert has been working hard with the yard. We add little by little to it (when we find stuff on clearance!). We're proud of all the work done. And I'm proud of him too!

not finished but lookin good


Lilacs never smelt so good


The Landscapers Yard



So Friday night was the Relay in Portland we had a great time. When I pulled up in the drive Robert was standing there with the girls beside of him. They all had on shirts that said "I wear lime green for Na" on the front and Husband or daughter on the back. I cried and cried when I saw them. When we got to the Relay April, Lex, Aunt Becky and Momma all had them on. April had designed them and Aunt Becky had put the letters on. I LOVED them. It meant a lot….wow four years. The impact still remains, and some memories fade, but as I was talking with an old friend's mom who is going thru treatment. You become a Survivor the day you are diagnosed, not after treatment. We all survive the days we are blessed with.
God Bless!


So were just green, and not floating. Work fared not as well…The road has been closed since Sunday, so we're getting in with large vechicles. I'm hitchin rides and others have road the short bus they are providing. I'll have pics of this weekend tomorrow. Please pray for those who are battling whatever struggle they face…..cancer, the loss of a loved one, the loss of a husband, water damage, and their spirit taking a hit. We all are prayin.
God Bless!