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So Robert is stuck at the airport.  He has been in Pittsburgh, and for his return home was supposed to switch planes in Orlando.  Yes, you heard me right...he found a way to visit Florida.  Now for the funny part...he has a 2 hr and 20 min flight (full of screaming kids heading for Disney World) to which he said got bumpy at the end.  So bumpy that they came on the intercom and said, "We need a hazardous materials kit..."  Yes somebody got sick from the turbulence.  Now Robert is delayed for at LEAST 4 HRS and no flights in or out of Orlando until the weather clears.....hmmm... stuck in the airport FULL of tired parents and kids....oh yeah truly Glory to God for his great sense of humor!

God Blesses!


Evidently the socialite daughter ran up a phone bill at Momma and Daddy’s. Evidently she 3-way called a couple of times, not realizing it.  Momma told me that Eme said, “Well that lady on the phone said something about $3, but I didn’t know what she was talkin about!”  Oh yeah….Robert’s child #2 for the day. God Blesses!


I dont iron.  Yall know that.  So this morning Ele is eatin and says "Its wierd eatin without Daddy ironin"  Robert comes home tonight.  I replied that we could set it up and pretend to which Ele said no.  I then said...very smart like,"..and how did ur daughter learn to iron at such an early age?"...Ele popped right back..."Cause her Mommy doesn't!"  Haha..yep..Roberts child.
God Blesses!


So we got Ele a phone.  Yeah we said it would be sometime before she got one, but she's very active and very responsible.  To beat it all it lowered our phone bill when we added her on!  She had to pay for the phone and she has to pay the monthly fee by working it off.  The best part is that we use it against the other two, using responsibility as a's great!  The funniest so far is the other night when Ele texted me from her bed and said, "Please get Daddy!  There's a ladybug in my room and he needs to come kill it!"  I texted back...."No."

God Blesses!


So u gotta laugh when Ele says ," Heyyyymomma.  U know ur ringtone is called Bright, cause Daddy calls u bright!"  Yeah I dont think he said it happily.....haha!


We all have our moments.  I am not the only mother rushing in the mornin to get everyone out the door, and where they need to go, with what they need to have for the day.  I am proud to say I am not the one with her damp camisole flapping in the wind rolled up in her childs window...with them embarassed....just so it can dry.. to put on at the babysitters when u drop ur child off... so u have something clean to wear.  Nope I am proud to say that is my best friend!  Have a great day yall!  God Blesses!


Robert had a great birthday yesterday and we have all had so much fun laughing at ourselves.  From Eme trying to say Hallelujah (and saying Hala-lulu) to Robert trying to say Bite me (and saying Buy me).  Laugh at yourself today.  The moments that may seem embarrassing or anger inducing....well if you laugh at yourself, truly can you have time for the other feelings?

God Blesses!

Fabric Softer

Why yes.  We do have a Snuggle also.  We took a momentary break from Mexican food on cat names.
God Blesses!



Update... Quito still loves his bear


prayin more

Please pray for those who have come home, gone home, and coming home.  God is great and we ALL are so blessed!


Please pry for those who are hurting whether by loss, issues, fears, health, frustrations, or just plain old loss of focus on faith.  The girls made it to Indy fine and some of their/our friends is traveling today so be with them as they make their first road trip without Momma and Daddy as well.  God is Great.....for we laugh, love, and yes LIVE.

God Blesses!


Please pray for three friends and their families as they are all experiencing trials and tribulations.....our hearts are with you.  Also, please pray for those who are traveling.  Our girls have their first trip without us this week...of course off to Indy to see Aunt Shirley and Uncle Jerry!

God Blesses!

Thank you

So yesterday, as we waited to see Aunt Edith, I had Eme's hand.  All of a sudden Aunt Peggy rounds the corner smiling and exclaims, "Oh Aunt Edith looks soooo pretty!"  I look down at Eme to see her reaction (as though I am not even present) she is looking at the ceiling and says, "Thank you God!"....I don't know her reason, if it was self preservation or that "old soul" that is part of her spirit, but I think it's pretty fittin.  Thank you God!'s definitely true.

God Blesses!


Today we bury a shell.  Not one that washed up on shore but one that God blessed us with to give us kisses and hugs.  Yes that shell was smothed and lined by time, a shell we held up to our ear to hear a beautiful sound.....a cackle....a belly laugh.  She is home now, and for today we will laugh, cry, and rejoice...we know this, but we will also close our eyes and feel her hug, hear her laugh, and know that God's plan for us includes telling her stories today and someday seeing her along with all our loved ones again.

God Blesses!


Time does not change us....experiences do.  Many times we say, when I was younger, or it used to be...we associate it with time, but it's the decisions and situations that mold us into who we are today.  Our beliefs, our raisin, our genetics, and our environments.  The impact of those who step into our lives for a moment or are always there can be just as important in the road that brings us to where we are today.  Tragic deaths bring mourning, lengthy suffering brings relief, and a full life of those whom are older, well death at any age can bring tears, guilt, regret, and depending on the situation rejoicing.
This morning Robert said that he hates funerals cause he wants to remember those as alive, not "in a box" as he stated.  I said that it's just their body, simply a shell.  He said I know.  I then asked him a simple question......Is it easier with our family?  He replied with...Oh yeah.  Robert and I have been together now for 18 years, and during that time, ma…


Aunt Edith is smilin and laughin once again.  Peace came and we know those streets of gold are beneath her feet.  I love you my family.  God leads us through.....again, just as he has led the best home!  Glory Be to God, and his Amazing Grace!

God Blesses!


I got test results yesterday that confirmed I do not have cancer, just one level low, and I can take meds for it. No you did not miss anything.  I just didn't want to worry anybody cause I felt that I didn't have cancer in my heart, nor by listening to my body.
In general I am not a superstitious person by nature.  I have found though that when I ask prayer on my blog for someone by name numerous times they have passed on.  Today I realized that it doesn't matter.
Aunt Edith (our oldest of the surviving Great Aunt of the "Granny and Grindad" generation) is in her final stretch home.  Robert and I were talking this morning and he said she sure has lived a full life and he laughed.  Yes Aunt Edith is a pistol, and believe thats why everyone took it hard when she began declining.
I was reminded this morning that God has never let us down, he has led us through, and will lead us home.  At this time, Aunt Edith is hanging on for someone to make peace, cause with my…


Sometimes it's hard not to get disgusted and give up.  I think many times we associate walking away from something as giving up, and therefore pride becomes a factor.  Walking away from draining people, environments, and situations is NOT giving up, we may have allowed ourselves, and most of the time helped in the creation of the negativity, but we can stop it....for us.
I wanted to take out part of the following verse...the part that said do good especially to those who are of faith.  I can not change God's word.  I have always had trouble with parts of the Bible discussing how you should not associate with those who are not of Faith.  How can we help and witness to them if we don't associate with them?  By leading and accepting that we cannot change others.  By sometimes saying NO, I will not be influenced by this, and by walking away or by staying on our path that God wants for us we can lead.  Sometimes by disassociating with those who are negative and by stepping away…