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And another diuble!



Happy Mothers Day.  To those who have held us, loved us, prayed for us, watched us die, cheered us as we live, ran errands for us, stayed up late for us, took us to appts, and never stopped doing any of it.....thank you.  You didn't have to, but yet you did,  and whether you gave birth to us or not we can call you Momma.  We are the lucky ones for the lessons you taught us we are blessed to hand down.
To those we cried over, whooped (even in Wal-Mart), held, kissed on the eyelids, nodded agreement to (even though we didnt know what we were agreeing to), nagged, ran places, faught for, and did all the other  things we were taught through love to do, thank you babies.
Also, to all the little ones most call pets, thank you for all of the former as well, you were our training wheels for it all.
I love all of yall and God Blesses!


As I've struggled to swim through life lately I have been oblivious to many things.  It is very hard to pay attention to what God is telling you when you have absorbed so many feelings that your sponge can hold no more.  You barrel through..chin down, forehead forward, one foot in front of the other...telling yourself that if I can just focus on getting where Im going....I can make it.  
Until yesterday I hadnt realized the true problem.  My focus.  Slowly and gradually the devil has invaded my life, breaking down all of the things I hold dear, weaking me, destroying me.....making it my focus.  This weekend many things happened leading up to the accumulation of me opening my ears to allow me to hear again.  I hear you God...Through an anonymous angel, I found a gift in "my seat" in church: a framed saying.
I reread it over and see the devil had been beating on me so much that he slowly changed the focus in my life from being Gods, to being mine.  I felt lost and…