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Well, I got my ears pierced when I got my first allergy testing done. The girls….of course….kittens. Yep in a couple of weeks they will arrive. They are adorable and Ele's, well it looks just like Tyson did at that age and is super soft. Eme's, well it is big, chubby, looks like a bear, and bit me three times! So their names…..Snuggle and Downy. Yep we have put the Mexican food names on hold and stepped into the world of fabric softener. Robert says the next animal he gets he wants to call it Corona. Have a great day!
God Bless!


We have talked about how we don't know what is going on in someones lives…..well we don't know what is going on in situations either. Let's say that we get our feelings hurt at work because we feel as though something was directed at us…..when in reality someone was just using us to their advantage, a pawn in a bigger game. Nothing personal, not a reflection on our work, or our person, but totally unrelated, other than we are a tool to be used in the cogs of a corporation….or even more so the plan of someone trying to get ahead, and stepping on the little man….us. So if you have had your feelings hurt at work, try and remember that it may not be personal at all, but that you cannot control what someone else does….they have to answer alone at the pearly gates.
God Bless!


Wow! Don't the flowers look beautiful? Sometimes we drive by somewhere over and over then one day, it occurs to us that flowers have bloomed and it is beautiful, as if it happened overnight. When if we had been paying attention we would have realized that it was happening, beauty was just at different stages…not just the grand finale we see. We question, what else did I miss? Do you think our lives may be like that? We fly through each day hoping for the next, until the grand finale in Heaven, then we think about what we missed. Live each day, don't wish them away, so we don't miss a thing.
God Bless!


Yesterday afternoon I laughed so hard that I needed an inhaler. First the joke with the girls is that Robert keeps going to Florida for his girlfriend. Robert tries to tell them different by saying he goes to different cities and Ele said that maybe the girlfriend travels. Well, yesterday afternoon Robert says I had called him the night before and was telling him how I loved him while slurring. I said I didn't and that it must have been his handicapped girlfriend. Robert starts in again about how he goes to different cities and I said yeah, but Ele says she travels. Then plain as day and matter of fact Ele says, "Yep she got it at that scooter store." I laughed sooooo hard. We were all rolling! Have a good one.
God Bless!

Keep it

Keep the faith has a whole new meaning when faced with a tragic issue in our lives. How is it possible? How can we not doubt or ask the dreaded why me? I believe it is because we have nothing else to turn to and in moments of panic we sink or grab for the life preserver. Faith is out rope and God is our preserver. Are we going to sink or swim? Listen to your heart and do what is automatic….5 bucks says you'll grab on and hold tight….we have to KEEP THE FAITH in order to SURVIVE.
God Bless!


Doin good. Just getting ready to take Ele for her first Rheum appt after her diagnosis. Say prayers that it all goes well.
God Bless!


I don't know if Daddy is trying to protect her eyes or strangle her! Have a great weekend and pray for those who are traveling!

God Bless!


Please pray for those who have lost loved ones, for a friend returning tonight from a mission trip in Haiti, for a mother who has just been diagnosed with another cancer, and for a team member who has just been diagnosed with an incurable type of aggressive cancer. Now for your funny….I was planting flowers with Eme last night by the drive. We were tired, but planting away when I went to grab some dirt and it moved. I screamed bloody murder as a frog the size of my fist hopped away! The neighbors were laughing and I was skiddish after that, and Eme kept saying, "Momma put the flower there. Momma why are you just standing there. Momma why are you going so slow." Now this happens at various times and in a sweet, completely non-sassy way. Till finally I said, "Eme, Mommy doesn't like frogs, I want to be careful and not grab it." To which hands on hip and eyebrows raised she replies, "Oh Momma just let me do it! I ain't scared of no frog!"


Sometimes we fall down. Emotionally we stumble, we doubt ourselves, and we wonder why God loves us. These are caused by the Devil and his actions. God uses these times (not causes them) to teach us and help us through them. Yes, through them….I heard this song and it made me think about how even though we may beat ourselves over something as simple as being late somewhere, God still loves us! Here's a part of the song….Have a GREAT DAY!
God Bless!

"Only A Prayer Away"
by Cadia | from the album Cadia

One step away from breaking down
10 minutes late and I'm totally falling down
And it's so plain to see
I'm my own worst enemy
One more day and I'll get it right
I'm a trip, I'm a mess and I'm crying on the inside
That's why it feels so good to say
That you're only a prayer away


We had a great time on Easter being with family. Pray for the shut-in's today. I remember not getting to go to Church and be with my family. What a glorious time that I can. God Bless!


I'll post some pictures in the next few days. I have been teaching the girls very well! Yesterday Lex needed her bike tire patched and Daddy said they were going to have to go get it done when Lex replied, "Can't we just use Duct Tape?" Then on the way to soccer practice, Lex and Ele start squealing in Goody because there was a spider on Lex's side. Lex would not step in it, even though she had shin guards and cleats on. So I hand back my shoe and she proceeds to whack it, and kept on….this went on forever! We were all laughing and all you could hear was whap, whap, whap! Ele says what's taking so long, and Lex says it's fell down in a crack as she keeps whap, whap whap! We were all dying laughing when you hear Ele say, "You're gonna HAVE to put this in your blog!" Have a good day yall! Please pray for those families who have lost loved ones, and for those who are fighting, and ready to fight their battles.
God Bless!


We has a great Easter with Family. How special it is to know you're loved. Can we really say we show love to everyone? That we show how God would want us to live?
God Bless!


OK so picture this….4 little girls, myself, and Robert in Dollar General. Robert has the buggy and is entertaining the kids. Robert tosses a ball to Ele. Now Ele has ALWAYS had an arm, but the demonstration was priceless on this day.
Ele throws the football back to Robert and it sails over the clothing section and two isles past, (two isles from the front of the store) lost to our view. We all gasp and I immediately run to one of the back isles. I hear scrambling after me and giggling girls. All of a sudden this whirl of my husband runs past, skids at the end of the isle and turns the corner (yes at this point we are at the back of the store). Hannah, bless her heart appeared to be the only one with any sense says, "What about your purse?" I gasp and say, "He left it. He left my purse!" You hear Robert's voice from the other isle say, "I'll go get it!"…as you hear rustling and running feet. I look at the girls and told them to go with hi…