Sometimes we fall down. Emotionally we stumble, we doubt ourselves, and we wonder why God loves us. These are caused by the Devil and his actions. God uses these times (not causes them) to teach us and help us through them. Yes, through them….I heard this song and it made me think about how even though we may beat ourselves over something as simple as being late somewhere, God still loves us! Here's a part of the song….Have a GREAT DAY!

God Bless!


"Only A Prayer Away"

by Cadia | from the album Cadia


One step away from breaking down

10 minutes late and I'm totally falling down

And it's so plain to see

I'm my own worst enemy

One more day and I'll get it right

I'm a trip, I'm a mess and I'm crying on the inside

That's why it feels so good to say

That you're only a prayer away


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