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Eme:  Whats Hoo-da-baga?
Ele:  It's Rootabaga!

Pretty present!


The badge isnt plastic anymore!



You have been there for me since birth.  Your eyes a little brighter, your height almost the same, your heart bigger than mine, and your title will forever remain my big brother.  Today we are so proud that you have achieved a dream.  A dream of yours for so long, a dream you never gave up on, a dream that is no longer just a dream, but a reality.  Today as u walk across the front of the room you become a Sheriff's Deputy.
Today everybody will call you with the respect you long deserve.  Today they will see you as the large man you have always been to me.
May God continue to protect you and the new brotherhood you officially become.   God has Blessed us so much!  I pray for peace and protection, and also that they remember the girls are yours whenever they get in trouble!

God Blesses!


So whats it mean when u have 2 minutes till ur supposed to go out the door and ur child is holding up an outfit for approval, giving a monolog while u try to apply eyeliner, and ends it with....... I would wear this but its dirty!

-God Blesses