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So last night we went to eat for Crystal's birthday. After we eat we got in the car…here's the conversation:
Robert-"Well I'd give it a C".
Rena- "I'd give it a D".
Ele- "I'd give it a F".
Robert- "OK, so we have a C, D, and F. Eme what do you give it?"
Eme- "I'd give it an E".
Robert- "That's not a grade"
Ele- "Yes it is"
Rena- "It is in kindergarten" (They get E's and S')
Robert- "Oh yeah. Well, Eme I want a grade A thru F"
Rena- "E is in A thru F"
Robert- "A….B….C…oh yeah!"
Ele- "You don't know your ABC's!"….as we ALL die laughing!
Have a great weekend yall! Please pray for all those who are traveling, and for Momma having her first knee replaced on Monday!
God Bless!


The girls have been at cheer camp this week. Please pray for them today as they have their program that we get to go see!
God Bless!


The Cuz sent me this one and I LOVED it (I don't know who wrote it originally, but Thank You!)….what a blessed reminder…don't just read it once. It means too much.
God Bless!

I ask God for water, He gave me an ocean.
I ask God for a flower, He gave me a garden.
I ask God for a friend, He gave me all of YOU...
If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.
Happy moments, praise God.
Difficult moments, seek God.
Quiet moments, worship God
Painful moments, trust God.
Every moment, Thank God.


Friday, the last day of soccer camp.....

Ele (second from the left) and Lex (with the ball).

Eme (social butterfly)

They ended up having a great time! We had a good weekend as well, and got to see the new HP.,
along with a lot of veggies out of the garden. Have a great day yall!

God Bless!

camp update



Chances ….a word which on most days can make you afraid. When you stop and think of it though everytime you choose something, we are taking a chance on what we chose. Now when you throw one other little word in there….faith, it's not so scary is it? Faith….have you got faith in God today? Pray, choose, and have faith.
God Bless!

soccer camp

The girls have soccer camp this week, and next week is cheerleading camp. We are having them do both to try and decide which one to do in the fall because a couple want to cheer and one wants to do soccer. They are at the same time with travel involved, so it's hard to let them split up, therefore they have to decide one or the other. (We may have cheer be our fall, basketball our winter, and soccer our spring to try and make it fair). Lex did good, but admitted she really hadn't tried very hard, yep, she wants to cheer. Ele is a natural at it scoring one goal with her head, then following up with 2 more goals, the last of the game. Needless to say, by this picture you can guess that Eme does NOT want to be there! She flower picked, layed down, played with her hair, cheered and yes, stood there with her hands in her pockets. When she got into the game she was really trying to get the ball, and at a water break said, "I tried to elbow that one girl and get her down. I knew…


Had a great weekend, just tired. Remember to smile at someone who needs it today. How do you know they need it? You don't….so what do you do….smile as much as you can! Have a great day yall!
God Bless!


We had a great time yesterday in the pool! April took these pictures with her phone, so some of the look a little warped, but they are great! Thank you Squirt. Here are the girls in the pool, and Abby our new addition. She is Zeus' sister, but looks more Coonhound than Zeus did, and is calmer. Eme got her from Tammy, Brian and the Boys for her birthday, and we are all adjusting well. It just takes time. Take time for the important things....the REAL important things in your life this weekend. Have a great one yall!
God Bless!


No we don't have a new cat…although that would be a cute name to go with our Mexican food themed names. Have you ever heard the term "Nacho Cheese"….now not said like that, but phrased in a sentence as "Not yo cheese"…to mean that something is not yours. Well for about a week Ele and Robert have been going back and forth about it. Robert keeps saying it and Ele always says, "I don't get it." Robert has tried explaining to her, which is funny itself, and they both sit there and struggle. Like I said almost daily this has been going on, up until yesterday. Nothing was said. We were sitting there winding down from the end of the day, a commercial was on that had the nacho cheese joke. All of a sudden Ele throws her arms up in the air and yells, "I get it! I get it!" Robert and I started laughing! Now….do you get it? Do you get God? Really? Another commercial used to say, "Got Milk" and then a Christian campaign said,…


When we think of strength we think of weightlifting….you know the big body builders. I think to me the smallest are the strongest though. The babies who fight for life…the children who fight for theirs. They are the true strength. So if we look at it like that, then strength is not about muscle, but about heart. The scripture for today…."Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. - Deuteronomy 31:6 (KJV)" God is with us. He is our strength…not the muscle, but the heart. Is God in your heart? We must have courage, "fear not" to face the day. Go with God in your heart and face the day today!
God Bless!


I have had a great week off with the girls! We have had a ball. Hope all of you had a great 4th! Eme had a great party and birthday….the big girl is 6! Wow! Tonight though really capped it all off. We were watching Hannah Montana and she had tried to keep something from her Dad, and it hurt him. I was in the kitchen and the girls with Robert were in the living room. I leaned back, waggled my eyebrows and said, "Yall are supposed to tell your Momma everything aren't you? You always tell your Momma stuff, cause Momma knows!" Then Robert thought he would chime in and say, "Yeah your Momma and Daddy know everything!" I then said, "Now edit that. Girls who knows everthing? Who knows?" Robert had walked in the kitchen by this point and was behind me so I'm mouthing "Momma". Ele smiles holds her arms up in the air and says, "The Brackin Girls!". I laughed so hard!!! Robert just put down his head and was shaking it.