So last night we went to eat for Crystal's birthday. After we eat we got in the car…here's the conversation:

Robert-"Well I'd give it a C".

Rena- "I'd give it a D".

Ele- "I'd give it a F".

Robert- "OK, so we have a C, D, and F. Eme what do you give it?"

Eme- "I'd give it an E".

Robert- "That's not a grade"

Ele- "Yes it is"

Rena- "It is in kindergarten" (They get E's and S')

Robert- "Oh yeah. Well, Eme I want a grade A thru F"


Rena- "E is in A thru F"

Robert- "A….B….C…oh yeah!"

Ele- "You don't know your ABC's!"….as we ALL die laughing!

Have a great weekend yall! Please pray for all those who are traveling, and for Momma having her first knee replaced on Monday!

God Bless!



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