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First...Please pray for those who are ailing..Bless them and their caregivers. 
Second..If you saw some crazy woman trying to feed wet bills in the automatic car wash yesterday afternoon, I'm sure there was a reason.  I mean I'm sure she like hydroplaned and cleaned out part of a ditch, but needed to clean off the evidence of the ditch clearing before she got home.  I mean she probably just didn't want to hear her Daddy and husband getting on her, I mean you know she was probably concerned about all of that grass sticking out of her fender well.  I mean you know bless her heart she probably just wanted to use the under carriage sprayer thingy to clean off the grass, and when she finally gave up on the extra wet bills rolled up to the car wash in the pouring rain only to find out she did not have enough money in it so she reversed in the pouring rain and tried again to feed bills in.  Then when it would not take more she finally just rolled up and sat in the car wash ....i…


Yesterday went great, and reality..well somedays it's more harder  amazing than others.  As I had my appt I looked out the window to see the apartments Robert, Daddy, and I did not call home for 37 days.  I despised the noises there...I looked and laughed at them and I thought just a stone....just a stone skipping accross the water of a pond, just a memory, just a feeling....gone in the next breath.  I do have to have my levels re-checked next week as they came out wrong last week, but we (the dr's and me) believe it to have been the roids I was on.  Just say a little prayer...again.
On another note I found out that a fellow blogger is now cancer free.  I commented on her blog the following, which I thought fitting to post here since I went to Survivorship yesterday.....
Whoo Hoo!  Miracles Happen!  You now enter a new phase and acceptance of a realization you've waited for for so long....almost like carrying a baby and then delivering.  You keep staring at them thanking G…


Originally I posted on a blog to let everyone know how I felt, then it turned into a way to capture moments in the girls lives.  Today I am anxious.  I go to Survivorship.  At five years out I wait for them to tell me the words.  To affirm that I am...well I don't know.  I listen to my body well and I know some levels aren't right, but I believe them to be menapouse.  So what am I wanting them to tell me?  Now that I think about it...nothing. 
Maybe that's it.  They have nothing new to tell, which is a first for me.  At five years I am past the mark of "secondary" cancers from treatment.  I will see a psycologist (required) before my appt.  I'm not concerned, last time she ended up taking notes for other patients.  We did my "button" word (the one that ticks me off) will be as it always is....normal.  I despise the word....I still face times when someone of medical authority says, "Well, that's just not NORMAL."  That usually sets me …


We had an exciting day yesterday as Ele fell on the playground (just running) and hurt her arm.  We took her to the Dr and found out that it is bruised.  Anytime Ele is sick/hurt Lex freaks out.  She has done this since she was little, and of course all of them have always grown up together as sisters.  So when I get home yesterday afternoon I asked Lex what happened...her reply, "Well I tried to carry her to the office, but she was just a kickin!"  haha!  I busted out laughin!   Ele didn't tell that part to us, and evidently when poor Ele got hurt Lex scooped her up and was going to rush her to the office, but Ele didn't want to be carried!  So later on I ask Eme if she found out Ele had been hurt.  Eme replies with, "Yeah Ms. Angel asked me if I knew my sister had fell and went home."  Her face then turns into this Robert face of "You ding-dong" look and she says, "I asked her Well?!..which one?!"  Oh yeah...that's MY GIRLS!

God Bl…

don't waste it

What?  Don't waste what?  That  little bit of food left on your plate that will not make that kid in another country feel better if you shove it in your mouth and it migrates straight to your't waste it.  Don't waste life.  LIVE.  God gives us opportunities everyday.  Prayers answered, choices made, and love shown.  LIVE.  It's your choice.  Will you waste it? NO...Dear Lord NO.  LIVE.  By the grace of God...HE BLESSES!


Late last night I found out that a friend is close to going home after many health issues, and the final battle with cancer.  Please pray for her family and friends.  God's Grace of Peace is a glorious feeling.  One I hold dear and the reason I got my nose pierced...ultimately to always remember.  I quote a lot of songs because God gives them to us when we are in need.  For the first time this mornin I heard one of my fav groups new song....Point of Grace singing "There is Nothing Greater than Grace" exerpt for those fighting their own trials and matter the extremity, right now... in this time and place it is the largest thing to you.....know you are not alone.....God Blesses!

What do you say to someone whose life is on the line

and their unsure what happens after their last breath in time
what do you say to someone whose built a wall you can't break through
and it's so hard for them to hear the truth

There is no valley, there is no da…


Thank God I'm Alive, or else I souldn't have been able to hollar the words this morning, "Emerson!  You can NOT take handcuffs to school!"

God Blesses!


The funk has vacated Brackentown, but it still remains in me hard to shake, not unusual for me.  Robert was on an overnighter trip last night and this morning when he called he said, "You sound rough."  I said, "Yeah, just the funk coming out".  So when you see roadkill on the road think Yep....funk coming out. But more importantly...that's somebody's food and another's trash.  It's all in how you look at it.  Stay positive and get the funk out!

God Blesses!

a nickle

A nickle....a small round coin, most of the time an afterthought for all of us.  Today I am a nickle....5 years old.  Wow!  Thank you our Dearest Lord!  Happy Birthday Jess!  and Happy Valentine's Day Yall!  God Blesses!  I was blessed to be able to do the half-time devotional at basketball Saturday.  I wanted to share the prayer:

Dear Lord,Thank you so much for our many, many blessings.Please help us to know deep in our hearts that with your help we can from this moment forward live a positive life, for we know that you are with us.We are never alone, and by Faith we survive our daily lives.We may stumble but with our focus on you we can be such a blessing to others.So many have fought the fight Dear Lord, and one day we look so forward to seeing them again.Thank you for giving us your son, Jesus Christ, for by grace we have been saved.In praise and prayer in Jesus name, Amen.


Faith...What a beautiful word.  Yes it is Lex's middle name, but its meaning has been in existence for thousands of years.  In the Bible one of my favorite verses is concerning faith.  Our faith will lead us through life's trials and tribulations.  In the Old Testament, the Hebrew word means steadfastness.  Do we have steadfastness in God?  Lets break it down further, steadfastness means determination.  Determination means that we have our focus on God and keep it on him no matter what comes our way....the trials and tribulations of life.  I was not the best patient while undergoing transplant.  I laughed when one of the Dr's was looking for a word to describe me...I told him I knew what he wanted to call me, but he could call me determined.  The thing is that for as difficult of a patient as I was, the staff volunteered for my case.  Why?  I was told it was because I was positive.  God wants us to live a plentiful life, a happy life, and a full life.  He wants us to LIVE.…


God wants us to succeed.  He wants us to overcome, to succeed, and to conquer.  Only if our focus remains on him, and not on ourselves.  We get wrapped up in the little "check lists" those to do lists that overwhelm us.  We set ourselves up to fail by not keeping them realistic, nor by allowing us to keep our focus on God during the day.  It is all about our priorities.  I pray today that our priorities are what God wants them to be....through prayer we will know the true list to accomplish.

God Blesses!


We have all been under the weather with Flu, Sinus infections, Allergies, and "Amonia" as Ele called it.  Ranging from Daddy, Momma, Ele, Ele, Lex, April, myself, and yes even Quito....but not Robert...his over active immune system saved him.  We are getting better...Halleiugh!  Thanks to all of you for the prayers.
Today I want to wish April a Happy Birthday, and congratsulations to Lex for winning Citizen of the whole school.  I told Lex teacher, Ms. Tammy, who has helped Lex all these years, that Lex wouldn't be the person she is today without her in her life.  Ms Tammy replied that she believes it is because Lex has a great supportive family.  Yes we all have a great support system, but most of all we have God in our lives!  We are proud of all our girls, and today the teachers (who voted for the citizenship) showed they were proud of Lex.  She won not only the recognition, but also a bike!  Have a great weekend yall!

God Blesses!


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