Yesterday went great, and reality..well somedays it's more harder  amazing than others.  As I had my appt I looked out the window to see the apartments Robert, Daddy, and I did not call home for 37 days.  I despised the noises there...I looked and laughed at them and I thought just a stone....just a stone skipping accross the water of a pond, just a memory, just a feeling....gone in the next breath.  I do have to have my levels re-checked next week as they came out wrong last week, but we (the dr's and me) believe it to have been the roids I was on.  Just say a little prayer...again.
On another note I found out that a fellow blogger is now cancer free.  I commented on her blog the following, which I thought fitting to post here since I went to Survivorship yesterday.....
Whoo Hoo!  Miracles Happen!  You now enter a new phase and acceptance of a realization you've waited for for so long....almost like carrying a baby and then delivering.  You keep staring at them thanking God for they are a precious miracle.  That is the feeling of the words "cancer free".  I thank God for those who went on before us who fought so hard and are now in heaven.  Without them and their contributions to the war....well God has used their fight to help win our so many ways.  We need to stand proud and say, "I have never fought alone, and now I will let my light shine!"  God Blesses!


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