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OK…the girls have been really bad lately about tattling….so much so that I have gotten to where I do not listen to it. So Monday afternoon, when my head was hurting so bad and both of them came into the office to tattle I told them both to get back outside. Well, Ele said that she needed to talk to me in private. I said ok, but if she was going to tattle she'd get a whoopin. She promised she wasn't so I asked Eme (who by this time was SO mad) to go back outside and Ele would be there in a minute. Ele begins to tell me something that is a true stretch on not tattling, that I wasn't paying complete attention to her, and looked out the office window to see Zeus stop outside of the window…with Ele's flip flop in his mouth! I then see Eme appear and pick up the shoe. Now in my mind I think, Aww she is saving her sister's shoe from Zeus…..then I see her make a MAD face scrunch up her little nose and chunk that shoe as far as she could for Zeus to go fetch…then it…

Field trip

Today I get to ride the bus, with approx 22 to 44 kids. Today I get to go to Nashville, and it won't be to go to Vandy. Today I get to visit the Capital, not for legal reasons. Today I get to go to the Market, and it won't be to buy stuff (do you think they'll let me smuggle mangos and flowers back onto the bus?). But most important, Today I get to be with my kids and have fun! How about your day? I'm alive, and I'm going to live! Have a great day yall!
God Bless!

Zeus and Atlas

Zeus and Atlas wanting in the house on Saturday Morning! Please pray for Kelly, a family friend, who just today found out she has stage4 cancer.....she's a few years younger than me.

God Bless!


Well, we're blessed again! Daddy got hit in the chest by a steer, and I wacked my head pretty good, but we're all ok! You never know how or what is going to happen when you lay your head down at night so say your prayers all day! Have a great day yall!
God Bless!


Well, Eme is both smart and smart! Daddy kept telling her to stop running on the gravel in her flip flops….now Daddy told her over, and over and over (this was before I got home this afternoon, or I would have been telling her)…Daddy says she was heading out to the Garage and he said it again…to which she replied, "I changed into my tennis shoes!" Then as she was turning away, Daddy said he heard her say, "Geesh, your cutting into my play time." … Yeah she looks and acts just like her Daddy!
God Bless~!


We organize our desk, our car, our silverware drawer, but do we organize our lives? Put our priorities where they should go? Have a reality check that involves God? Are we allotting or penciling in God? Think about it…..he is our biggest supporter, and mountain in our daily lives. Give back today. Give him our time whether by praying, reading our Bible, or helping out somebody with a wave.
God Bless!


Matthew, Andrew, Ele and Eme….the town nosey's! They were so cute looking out the window…this was at the first of the month, but it was irresistible. Have a great day yall!
God Bless!


First, please pray for Holly and David today as they are supposed to bring little Brooklyn into the world. Second, please pray for Ele and April as they both have Strep. Yesterday at the Dr, when we were told that Ele had it I said, "Now honey you know that you're gonna need a shot." To which came the reply, "But I don't wanna shot" The Dr then said that she would get better faster, to which Ele looks at me and says, "But I don't wanna shot", so I say, "Now Ele what is our family motto? Tell the Dr what our family motto is." To which Ele looks and very bold says, "We don't want no shots!" I about busted! She switched families real quick! Cause our motto is "Suck it up!" haha! Have a great one yall!
God Bless!


Do you every want to smell cookies? We buy candles that smell like them, or air fresheners, etc. Why is that? Because the smell makes us feel good. It takes us back to times when we were younger, of days when we had no care in the world, except when we were going to get to eat them. Waiting was the hardest part. Yeah those were the good days….these days can still be good days….just think of those cookies and smile. Now think of heaven and smile bigger….God loves us. Smile for someone else today…and have a great weekend…oh and keep prayin!
God Bless!


Well, the doting we have been doing on Eme and praying, I believe, may have come back to bite us. We now have Dueling Evangalist.
Tonight Robert and I couldn't have gotten a word in edge wise if we wanted to during prayer time. Eme was praying then Ele, and back and forth. Ele has never prayed so long and so hard. At the end of it after Amen, Eme said, "Man I was on a road." Then Ele said, "Uh-huh I was!" . I'm gald that they both said good prayers, but I pray the do it for the right reasons!
Please pray for Ms. Linda 's Family, as she is now without pain, worries, or tears in Heaven, but her family and friends are living with grief at the moment. Also please pray for Holly as she is walking around dilated to 4!
God Bless!


Please pray for Ms. Linda, Ms. Ann, and their family and friends. Please pray that God's will be done and that they and their families and friends find peace during this time.
Please pray for Ms. Jo Ann and Aunt Shirley's Dad, that they continue to improve after their illnesses.
And last but not least please pray for all of those who struggle every day with the burdens they bear. Please help them remember that God does not leave them nor does he give us more than we can bear…it always seems like the devil attacks when we are at our lowest, and I believe he does, we just cannot allow him to win.
God Bless!


Robert has not gotten to experience the expert prayer that Eme is until night before last. The past three nights he has had his head down in the bed to try and not laugh. She does such an excellent job! She had to have listened during church Sunday cause she has been saying, "Thank you Lord for sending Jesus to die on the cross for our sins". The kid is priceless! One thing we all say is that Eme is just like Grindad. When Grindad passed one of the things different people said was that they were going to miss his prayers. Well….they can hear them again now. Robert says we have our own Evangalist. Now Uncle Jerry says she's going to be a politician, or a lawyer…and now an Evangalist…they are all they same right?! Haha!
God Bless!

Robert and the Girls



Lots have happened since I last blogged....Easter, reorganizing the house, and I was in the paper. First, please pray for Ms. Linda, a friend of Holly's who is in her final days with cancer. Please pray for her family, because I know that is who she is worried the most about. Second, hope yall had a great Easter....I'll put a pic of Robert and the girls tomorrow night. Now onto the article...I was interviewed back in Janurary for the Relay for Life...they ran it last week. I was nervous after it came out because I didn't want to come off as cocky because I made it when there are so many who loose the battle, and I was blessed to have fought and won mine, but if I can help someone then it was worth it (oh, and the pic that was with it is the one on this blog...the one Eme took! Her pic made the cover of the paper!) it is....

Portland woman a miracle cancer survivor

By Scott Wilson

Faced with the fact she had cancer, and it was in her l…


I'm off this week folks, so I'll blog as I can. The main thing though is that we need to pray.
I have two MAJOR prayer requests....First, Holly's Grandma passed away Saturday night. I had the pleasure of meeting her and speaking with her. She was a very lovely lady. Please pray for Holly, her family, and especially her Momma.
Please pray for Jess' friend Ann. She has been battling cancer for sometime now. There are many things that people could say to her and to Jess, many things I can say. I have tried to think of different words of comfort, but my mind keeps going back to, what when summed up, got me through. I like to say my kids, because that is the most obvious in my mind, but what got me through my sickness is what gets all of us through every day. Wether that is getting through a work day, a family members surgery, an in general difficult expereince, an awkard situation, the loss of a loved one or friend, or the final trip is FAITH. The faith…

P.U.S.H. and LIVE

I got three emails today that had great sayings today....
My first was from Mana.....I like it!

When everything seems to go wrong, just P.U.S.H.!
When the job gets you down, just P.U.S.H.!
When people don't react the wayyou think they should, just P.U.S.H.!
When your money is low and the bills are due, just P.U.S.H.!
When people just don't understand you, just P.U.S.H.!
P.U.S.H = Pray Until Something Happens

Then I got two of the same one from a friend at work and one from the Cuz!
It was sad, but true.....

happiness is always there within reach, no matter how long it lasts.....l
ets enjoy life and don't live a complicated life.
Life is too short.
work as if it was your first day
forgive as soon as possible
love without boundaries
laugh without control
and never stop smiling
even if you don't know the reason.
Please pray for those suffering from cancer.

I think these apply to all of us...PLEASE!!! LISTEN TO ME!!!
Learn from don't have to have something drastic happen in y…

yogi bike

Well, I came home today and Eme had fallen down on the ground in front of Ele riding down the hill at Momma and Daddy's. Well, needless to say, Ele ran over her sister with the bike! Eme is fine. Just a couple of scuffs and a lot of drama. Then, just now my husband said he was going to do yoga, but the funny thing was he tried, now notice I said tried to spell it....he said, "I think I'm gonna do Y-O-G-I"...of course I said, "What?!" and then he said it again! I told him what he said and we died laughing!

God Bless!