OK…the girls have been really bad lately about tattling….so much so that I have gotten to where I do not listen to it. So Monday afternoon, when my head was hurting so bad and both of them came into the office to tattle I told them both to get back outside. Well, Ele said that she needed to talk to me in private. I said ok, but if she was going to tattle she'd get a whoopin. She promised she wasn't so I asked Eme (who by this time was SO mad) to go back outside and Ele would be there in a minute. Ele begins to tell me something that is a true stretch on not tattling, that I wasn't paying complete attention to her, and looked out the office window to see Zeus stop outside of the window…with Ele's flip flop in his mouth! I then see Eme appear and pick up the shoe. Now in my mind I think, Aww she is saving her sister's shoe from Zeus…..then I see her make a MAD face scrunch up her little nose and chunk that shoe as far as she could for Zeus to go fetch…then it hit me she was doing it AGAIN! Not for the first time, but again…she had done it the first time! I tell Ele to stand still, run out the back door and holler for Eme, she comes around the side of the house looking so shocked at being caught, and I told her that I knew what she had done, then I couldn't help myself and busted out laughing! I told her to go get the shoe and not to do it again, to which she smiles and ran off. I proceeded to go back into the house and Ele is standing there with her mouth wide open. She then narrowed her eyes and said, "Was that my shoe?" I busted out laughing again, and told her yes. She then just looks at me and smiles this smirky smile, as if saying, "Well that's Eme!"

God Bless!


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