First...Please pray for those who are ailing..Bless them and their caregivers. 
Second..If you saw some crazy woman trying to feed wet bills in the automatic car wash yesterday afternoon, I'm sure there was a reason.  I mean I'm sure she like hydroplaned and cleaned out part of a ditch, but needed to clean off the evidence of the ditch clearing before she got home.  I mean she probably just didn't want to hear her Daddy and husband getting on her, I mean you know she was probably concerned about all of that grass sticking out of her fender well.  I mean you know bless her heart she probably just wanted to use the under carriage sprayer thingy to clean off the grass, and when she finally gave up on the extra wet bills rolled up to the car wash in the pouring rain only to find out she did not have enough money in it so she reversed in the pouring rain and tried again to feed bills in.  Then when it would not take more she finally just rolled up and sat in the car wash the pouring rain letting it wash her car of some of the evidence.  I mean just don't post it on you tube or if you do at least show the part of her laughing at her best friend on the phone concerned she was in a hail storm cause she was sitting in the car wash while it was pouring rain.  I mean at least show her with her head on the steering wheel debating turning off her lights so nobody saw her license plate...just know...I mean...IF you knew...

God Blesses!


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