a nickle

A nickle....a small round coin, most of the time an afterthought for all of us.  Today I am a nickle....5 years old.  Wow!  Thank you our Dearest Lord!  Happy Birthday Jess!  and Happy Valentine's Day Yall!  God Blesses!  I was blessed to be able to do the half-time devotional at basketball Saturday.  I wanted to share the prayer:

Dear Lord,  Thank you so much for our many, many blessings.  Please help us to know deep in our hearts that with your help we can from this moment forward live a positive life, for we know that you are with us.  We are never alone, and by Faith we survive our daily lives.  We may stumble but with our focus on you we can be such a blessing to others.  So many have fought the fight Dear Lord, and one day we look so forward to seeing them again.   Thank you for giving us your son, Jesus Christ, for by grace we have been saved.  In praise and prayer in Jesus name, Amen.


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