We had an exciting day yesterday as Ele fell on the playground (just running) and hurt her arm.  We took her to the Dr and found out that it is bruised.  Anytime Ele is sick/hurt Lex freaks out.  She has done this since she was little, and of course all of them have always grown up together as sisters.  So when I get home yesterday afternoon I asked Lex what happened...her reply, "Well I tried to carry her to the office, but she was just a kickin!"  haha!  I busted out laughin!   Ele didn't tell that part to us, and evidently when poor Ele got hurt Lex scooped her up and was going to rush her to the office, but Ele didn't want to be carried!  So later on I ask Eme if she found out Ele had been hurt.  Eme replies with, "Yeah Ms. Angel asked me if I knew my sister had fell and went home."  Her face then turns into this Robert face of "You ding-dong" look and she says, "I asked her Well?!..which one?!"  Oh yeah...that's MY GIRLS!

God Blesses!


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