soccer camp

The girls have soccer camp this week, and next week is cheerleading camp. We are having them do both to try and decide which one to do in the fall because a couple want to cheer and one wants to do soccer. They are at the same time with travel involved, so it's hard to let them split up, therefore they have to decide one or the other. (We may have cheer be our fall, basketball our winter, and soccer our spring to try and make it fair). Lex did good, but admitted she really hadn't tried very hard, yep, she wants to cheer. Ele is a natural at it scoring one goal with her head, then following up with 2 more goals, the last of the game. Needless to say, by this picture you can guess that Eme does NOT want to be there! She flower picked, layed down, played with her hair, cheered and yes, stood there with her hands in her pockets. When she got into the game she was really trying to get the ball, and at a water break said, "I tried to elbow that one girl and get her down. I knew if I could get her down I could get the ball." haha! We never told her that! When we got in the car and I asked if she liked it her response was, "Soccer is too much work!". Those are my, wait, Robert's girls!

God Bless!
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