Please pray for those who have lost loved ones, for a friend returning tonight from a mission trip in Haiti, for a mother who has just been diagnosed with another cancer, and for a team member who has just been diagnosed with an incurable type of aggressive cancer. Now for your funny….I was planting flowers with Eme last night by the drive. We were tired, but planting away when I went to grab some dirt and it moved. I screamed bloody murder as a frog the size of my fist hopped away! The neighbors were laughing and I was skiddish after that, and Eme kept saying, "Momma put the flower there. Momma why are you just standing there. Momma why are you going so slow." Now this happens at various times and in a sweet, completely non-sassy way. Till finally I said, "Eme, Mommy doesn't like frogs, I want to be careful and not grab it." To which hands on hip and eyebrows raised she replies, "Oh Momma just let me do it! I ain't scared of no frog!"

God Bless!


Anonymous said…
LOL! The poor frog!!
Love ya,

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