What a special day! To all my friends who are mothers…Holly, Mana, Tammy, etc. To all my family….April, Jess, the Cuz, etc. And to my "Mothers" Aunt Becky, Aunt Patsy, Aunt Peggy, Aunt Edith, Karen…thank you so much for all your support and unconditional love. To Momma…thank you for always being there even when we don't always agree! But a special shout out to those "Mothers" who may have never birthed a child but have raised many. I love you! You amaze daily with your support, wisdom, and thoughtfulness. I can never explain how you do it, why you do it, or even when you do it all, but you do. I love you so much…we all do cause you affect us all. P.s. Thank you Aunt Shirley!.....all the pics are for you…..Brackentown's waitin when you can convince yourself and Uncle Jerry to retire to "Heaven" as Grindad used to call it. Haha! Happy Mother's Day yall. Also…thank you to my girls for allowing me to make a daily attempt at Motherhood.

God Bless!


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