We got a lot done opening the pool, transplanting flower beds, and planting the garden. This weekend has been one of the longest though. Thank you for all of your prayers. Saturday morning we lost Tyson at almost 12 years of age to diabetes. He was my baby boy (in fact, one time, Eme convinced her preschool teacher that she had a baby brother at home). Yes he was a cat but I raised him and Rebel from the time they were 11 hours old. I got up in the night every two hours, I cried over them (Tyson almost died of infection at 3 days old, and at six months almost lost his eye and it took months for him to get over it), and they taught me to be a mother, and ultimately an advocate. I always joked about how I would take it hard when something happened to them, but this is very hard, it is hard for all of us. Rebel seems as though she is taking it well, until at night. We have to put her up in her room because she walks around down stairs crying and looking for him. We can't figure out if that is it or she just cries for us more too like she is lonely and doesn't want to be alone. Today Ele asked if we needed to talk with her about it, so Ele and I did. I found all the pictures we have of him and were looking at them. I wanted to scan one, but couldn't decide on one. He was just such a big baby (in college he could stand on the floor and reach onto the counter….he didn't even dare to do it when we came home). He would wrap his front paws around my neck and his hind ones around my waist, and just hold me. We all get attached to things, and they were always there for me when I would feel let down at different times over the years. Hold those you love close, whether they are humans or animals. If they matter to you that is all that matters. Unconditional love comes from God and if you are blessed it comes from a big baby boy named Tyson.

God Bless!


Holly said…
I wanted to cry! I am so sorry. It is so hard to lose our pets because they are family. It's just not fair that they don't live as long as us. We are thinking of you and love you guys.
Na said…
Thank yall! I have a few pics of David with them in college...he looked young like them! haha! He used to pick on Rebel so bad! She loved it though.

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