eme and tyson

Sorry Folks been sick. Eme had her Kindergarten recognition Friday....here's her pic. Nobody else was doing this, so I wonder if she was prayin'! HAHA....also, please note that she has a fake tattoo on her arm, which I did NOT know she had put there....btw I told her to take it off, and now mysteriously she has one on each arm. I have since banned her from them on her arms. Dad gome April....now if it was piercings...I could be blamed. On a serious note, please pray for Tyson, we almost lost him yesterday due to his diabetes, and it is still touch and go. For those of you who know us, you know that he is my baby boy, and we are all having a hard time with it.

God Bless!
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Anonymous said…
Ah! I get blamed for the piercings! I only have them in my ears!
Na said…
You have the tattoos!

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